18 Everyday Items You Never Knew The Use For… Until Now

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Mind = Blown

Get a load of these hidden features and little-known uses for design features on common products you use every day!

1. Those Little Buttons On Your Jeans Pocket


As it turns out, these little bad boys are called rivets and they are their to keep your pants from ripping at the seems! Back in the day Levi Strauss came up with the idea after noticing that miners complained of their pants wearing out too soon.

Oh and that tiny pocket above the main pocket? That little guy was originally there as a handy place to carry your pocket watch.

2. That Little Hole In the Top of Pen Caps


Believe it or not, it actually has nothing at all to do with ink. This little guy is actually there to make sure small children won't choke if they ever swallowed the cap.

This, by the by, is also the same reason lifesavers have the hole in the middle, hence their name.

3. The Little Hole On the End of a Tape Measurer


This is so you can hook it over a nail and measure without any slippage.


....And the sharp edge is so you can make a mark at your measurement without even having to reach for a pencil.

4. That Hole In the End of Your Pots


As it turns out, it's not just for hanging them!

5. The Hole In the Middle of Your Pasta Straining Spoon


Okay, yeah so obviously it's there for straining purposes. Did you know however, that most of these style spoons make the hole just big enough to measure the perfect portion of pasta for one person?

6. The Spiky End On the Ends of Some Lids


This is generally used on products where the top is covered by foil. After unscrewing the lid, you can use the point to poke right through the foil.

7. The Little Grove In the End of a Tic-Tac's Lid


Boom. No more shaking them like a Polaroid picture.

8. That Little Hole In the End of a Lock


Nope, it's not a mysterious mechanism for locksmiths. It's actually so that water can drain out of the lock if it's outside and can also be used to oil it.

9. That Little Arrow Next To Your Gas Tank Meter


It's to remind you what side the gas cap is on.

10. Those Little Extra Fabric Strips That Come With Some Clothes


Nope, as it turns out they aren't extra patches. They're so you can test the fabric on various detergents to make sure the clothes don't get damaged.

11. The Holes In Your Converse


It may come as no surprise that they're there for extra ventilation. Some suspect however, that they may've originally been put there in case you wanted to lace them for a snugger fit, as Chucks were originally made to be basketball shoes.

12. The Placement of Exit Lane Signs


Yep, as it turns out they're not just randomly placed but are actually intended to help you know which side to exit on.

13. The '57' Indentation On Ketchup Bottles


It's actually placed at the spot you're supposed to tap with your hand to help the ketchup flow. Interestingly enough, Heinz "57 Varieties" slogan doesn't really mean anything as far as ketchup's concerned.

One day the founder saw a sign advertising "21 varieties of shoes" and really dug the number 57. So he adopted the slogan "57 varieties" for his company.

14. The Little Grooves At the End of a Toothpick


Who knew?!

15. The Push Tab On the Ends of Aluminum Foil


These are so that you can put your thumb in through the end to keep the whole role from coming out of the box while you're ripping a piece off.

16. The Grooves On Top a Medicine Bottle Cap


If you don't have any kids around, just turn the cap upside down for a non-childproof way to keep the bottle closed.

17. The Magnetic Strips In Gas Station Hoses


They are actually break-away strips so that it won't destroy the entire pump if someone accidentally drives away with the pump still in their tank.

18. The Holes In Backpack Zippers


Put a little lock through them and you can keep out pick pockets.

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