20 Creative People Who Turned Everyday Problems Into Art


Talk about resourceful!

There's nothing worse than discovering that you've cracked your phone or broken your favorite mug.

But rather than toss it in the trash, next time take a cue from these creative folks who decided to turn disaster into art by coming up with out cool, creative, and of the box solutions.

1. This Artist Who Turned a Crack Into an Epic Mountainous Quest

2. Check Out This Creative Fix To Patch Up a Torn Couch

3. Don't Look at It as Broken, Just as In Need of a Creative Upgrade

4. Crayon Wall Art: This Mom Just Went With It

5. Lego Bricks: Not Just For Lego Buildings Anymore

6. Owning It: Winning

7. Turns Out Learning Can Be a Foundation In More Ways Than One

8. Check Out How Cool a Broken Vase Looks When You Add Some String While Gluing It Back Together

9. Turn a Fender Bender Into Your Own Little World

10. Just When You Thought You Were Alone

11. This Lady Turned a Heel Tragedy Into a Triumph

12. Broken Flower Pots or Fairy Wonderland?

13. Rather Than Throw Away a Broken Mirror, Just Add a Few Tiles To the Offending Area

14. This Artist Took Pot Holes Into His Own Hands

15. This Driver Turned a Sideswipe Into a Work of Art

16. Snaz Up a Fading Birdbath With Old CD Pieces

17. Use Highlighters To Pimp Your Broken Phone

18. Wall Disaster or Portal To a Super Dimension?

19. A Street Artist Turned This Brickless Wall Into Gold

20. This Unsightly Fan Becomes an Awesome Piece of Street Art