27 Brilliant Life Hacks You Won’t Believe You Never Thought Of

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For. The. Win.

Prepare to feast your eyes on life hacks so simple it took a genius to think of them. These quick and easy DIY tips are here to help your life go a little smoother with a few creative moves.

1. Use Old Plastic Pant Hangers As Handy Chip Clips

2. Run Outta Room On Your Counter? Put a Carving Board Over a Drawer

3. Need To Chill a Drink Quick? Wrap It In a Paper Towel and Put It In a Freezer For 2 Minutes

4. Who Knew An Old Tennis Ball Could Be So Much Fun?

5. Drippy Paint No More!

6. Try Using Hair Spray Before You Thread a Needle To Make It a Less Impossible Task

7. Use a Water Bottle To Help Keep Pizzas For Going Rogue

8. Let a Paper Clip Help You With Hard To Buckle Bracelets

9. Never End Up Blindly Knocking Nails Into Your Wall Again

10. Behold: How To Never Ding Your Car Again

11. Use a Can Opener To Open Obnoxious Plastic Packages

12. How To Get the Most Out of Every Sandwhich Bite

13. Never Worry About Getting Your Stuff Jacked at the Beach Again

14. No Cup Holder? No Problem

15. Sick of Watery Wine? Never Again!

16. Feast Your Eyes On This DIY iPhone Amplifier

17. How To Fashion a Wallet That'll Never Get Stolen

18. Use This Handy Binder Clip Trick Next Time You Run Out of Room In the Fridge

19. Get a Load of How To Make the Best BLT Ever

20. Making Old Shoes Look Like No Is No Further Than a Little Household Cleaner

21. Check Out This DIY Cookbook Holder

22. Use a Vintage Ladder For a Little Extra Shelving

23. Never Battle a Drippy Popsicle Again

24. Use Old Toilet Paper Rolls To Get Your Cords From Getting All Tangley

25. Avoid High Plane Movie Prices With This Awesome Phone Hack

26. Up Your Pizza Game With This Simple Trick!

27. Hands Free Is Now But a Hand Band Away

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