24 Adorable Animal Tweets To Brighten Your Day

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Prepare to feast your eyes on some of the cutest things ever caught on film...

1. This Little Dude Prepares To Give the Inside Scoop

2. Dogs: Proof That Humanity Can't Have Always Been All Bad

3. The Dark Side of Reflection

4. That Moment When They Realize the Horrible Truth

5. Kitty Feasts His Eyes on the Promises of the Future

6. It's the Little Things In Life

7. Bob's Stealth Precedes Him Yet Again

8. What? Is There Something On My Face?

9. Priorities: Nailin' It

10. Self- Confidence Dog Basks In the Glory That Is Himself

11. Fur-Mom Problems

12. Hey There, Cowboy. You Take This Route Often?

13. Fur-Crossed Lovers

14. That Tiny Tux Tho!

15. Photo Bomber Cat Does Not Care

16. A Little Seaweed Goes a Long Way

17. Sometime You Just Have to Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

18. Yet Another Bed Commandeered By Kitty Kind

19. #CatLogic

20. Whatever Leland Wants, Leland Gets

21. Serenity: Ur Doin' It Right

22. Why It's Best Never To Get On a Cat's Bad Side

23. Prepare For Cuteness Over Drive

24. Mooooom!....I Got Lonely

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