Neighbors Report A ‘Scary Wolf’. Now This Unloved Dog Is Unrecognizable

Hope for Paws

Earlier this year, Eldad Hagar of the Los Angeles rescue "Hope for Paws" got a text on the organization’s emergency line about what appeared to be a wolf that had been spotted roaming the streets of South Central L.A. The text would soon be followed by a phone call from one of Eldad's friends who worked with another animal organization that was also receiving calls reporting the same strange sighting. That’s when Eldad and fellow Hope for Paws team member Lisa Chairelli set out on what was to be a unique mission.

Upon first arriving at the scene, the pair found themselves in luck, as the poor animal had walked into a yard seeking help. After securing her inside the yard with a gate, Eldad and Lisa were able to meet the animal they would come to know as “Julia.”

Eldad later revealed that what had first been suspected to be a "scary wolf" sighting was actually something far more upsetting- someone’s pet that had been mistreated in some of the most inhumane ways. “Julia had an old rope tied to her which indicates to me that someone owned and neglected her to a criminal level… this poor girl was so swollen from infections, she was bleeding, pus was oozing from everywhere, and it’s hard to see because of this coat, but she is just skin and bones,” Eldad later said when recounting Julia’s story on flickr.

Slowly the team worked to gain the poor little lady’s trust, after realizing that despite the way she had been treated, she was still incredibly friendly. “Even though Julia was so skinny and starved, she took food so gently,” Eldad said.

After about 20 minutes, Eldad and Lisa had gained Julia’s trust enough to get a lucky leash on her and lead her out to their car. Though she was skeptical of getting into the vehicle at first, the team convinced Julia that better things lay ahead and eventually talked her into joining them on a ride to a Hollywood veterinary clinic to begin treatment.

The clinic confirmed that poor Julia was suffering from a severe case of mange, had painfully swollen paws with overgrown nails, and was so malnourished she was incredibly underweight. Things got even more heartbreaking when Julia was given a medicated bath which, though necessary for her to begin healing, broke up some of the scabbing over her many sores.

"Julia started bleeding from everywhere," Hagar wrote. "As dirt and blood was coming down into the tub, Julia changed color from a grey and red to a black and yellow."

After being gently toweled dry from her bath however, Julia’s slow process to recovery was finally able to begin.

Slowly but surely the team’s newest little rescue began eating a little, sleeping a lot, and bonding with her rescuers.

Amazingly enough, DNA testing revealed that not only was Julia just 2 years old, she wasn’t actually a wolf at all but a German Shepard/Husky mix.

Finally, after a long recovery process, the team at Hope for Paw’s heroic efforts started to pay off.

Not only is Julia a woman today, she’s even found a forever home!

To watch Julia’s rescue video and support the amazing organization who rescued her, be sure to check out Hope for Paws at