Mom Passes On Incredible White Hair Stripe To Baby Daughter

Brianna Worthy / Caters News Agency

See why people are going crazy over this baby girl born with her mom's incredible white hair stripe!

As almost every family can attest, genetics can play a huge factor when it comes to the traits a newborn baby will be gifted with throughout their life. Many a dad has smiled with joy when his newborn arrived with mom’s eyes and many a mom has smiled anyway when the little guy arrived with dad’s weird nose. But what if you could pass down something as cool to your newborn as an awesome hairstyle your family has been rocking for generations?

Such was the case for South Carolina mom Briana Worthy whose baby was born with a gorgeous streak of white hair that has graced the women in her family going all the way back to her great grandmother. Upon meeting the duo in the street, a casual observer might think that Briana and her 18 month old daughter MilliAnna shared matching bleached hairstyles from an upscale beauty salon. Their striking styles however, are actually due to a genetic hair coloration caused by a trait known as Poliosis.

The condition causes certain parts of the skin to be pigment-free, in the case of these ladies, including a small patch of skin on their scalps. This causes the hair that grows into the section to grow in colorless, resulting in the gorgeous white streak that highlights little Millianna’s otherwise dark brunette curls.

The beautiful baby girl, who has been sporting her genetic do since birth, shares it not only with her mom, but her with her grandmother Jennifer and great-grandmother Jaonne as well. Whether the hairstyle goes back even further is something that the family may never know however, as Jaonne was adopted as a child and isn’t sure if any of the women in her biological family also shared the distinctive birthmark. Brianna was delighted when her newborn arrived proudly carrying on the family hairstyle, especially since it had skipped her own little sister.

As Brianna explained to Caters News however, the beautiful family hair trend is not without its challenges. As we all know, kids will be kids and sometimes haters gonna hate. In Brianna’s case this took the form of other kids comparing her trademark hair to a skunk's when she was younger, which fortunately is an obstacle she would eventually overcome.

“Sometimes it would bother me when I was younger, but I grew to end up really loving it in my hair and was confident that it was my own unique signature look,” she told Caters. Rest assured that she’s there for little MilliAnna, should she ever experience similar trails. She says, “I plan to raise my daughter knowing she is beautiful and special and to not listen to people’s mean comments at times.”

We couldn't agree more that MilliAnna is perfect just the way she is! If you agree, be sure to share this with all the beautiful women in your own life!