Meet Freddy: he’s over 7-feet tall and is the biggest dog in the world

Large dogs everywhere, prepare to meet your king.

When it comes to various sizes of dogs, there are the little guys, the big guys, and then there's Freddy. Weighing in at over 190 pounds and standing 7ft 6in on his hind legs, Freddy was officially crowned the world's biggest dog by Guinness World Records.

So what is life like for the undisputed king of the pooches? From the looks of Freddy's Facebook page, it's awesome!

Freddy The Worlds Tallest Dog/Facebook

Freddy shares his Essex home with his not-quite-as-hefty sister Fleur and his 41-year-old fur-mom Claire Stoneman, a former glamour model. When it comes to devotion, Claire is all in with her larger than life fur-baby.

Freddy The Worlds Tallest Dog/Facebook

"They are children to me… because I haven't had any kids," Claire said in an interview with the Daily Star Sunday.

She went on to explain that the trade-off however, has actually turned out great for both parties. "I've been single for the best part of four years. But I get cuddles off the dogs and I don't have to wash dirty underpants," she explained. Score!

Freddy The Worlds Tallest Dog/Facebook

Though she's open to enjoying a relationship if she can find a guy who isn't intimidated by Freddy's larger than life presence, in the meantime, Freddy enjoys the advantage of sharing his mom's king sized bed.

Claire says that when she first brought Freddy home, she knew he'd be a big guy due to the fact that he was a Great Dane after all. Exactly how big however, she never could've imagined.

Freddy The Worlds Tallest Dog/Facebook

In an interview with local TV station WhoTV she revealed that Freddy was actually the runt of his litter. Not only that, he was feeding off his mom poorly, so she even took him in a few weeks earlier than normal.

Apparently Freddy's once pint sized ambition paid off as he's now tall enough that he can even secure his own treats from their hiding place in the Claire's kitchen drawer.

Claire reveals that occasionally, he even gets into super-sized trouble, but that at the end of the day, she'd change nothing.

"I'd come home and find a sea of foam across the floor. But he's my baby and I can't imagine life without him," said Claire.

Freddy The Worlds Tallest Dog/Facebook

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