Look No More: The Definitive List Of The Best Valentines Date Plans Ever

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Looking to spice things up a little this Valentine's day? Look no further!

Make Your Own Love Nest

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Who says you've gotta get all dressed up and go out on the town to have a great time on Valentine's day? As many of the more stressed among us know, sometimes the best thing in the world to do with your sweetheart is nothing at all. Deciding to stay in and indulge in Netflix and wine doesn't mean you can up the romance factor however. Check out the directions for how to make your very own love nest here!

Indulge In a Little Fondue Fun

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For less than the price of a nice meal, you and your significant other can own your very own stainless steel fondue maker.. What better time to utilize it for a night of fondue fun than Valentine's Day? Marshmallows, strawberries, each other... the list of things to smother in chocolate is endless.

Make a Date Night Basket To Indulge All 5 Senses

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You can't go wrong by introducing this romantic night in a box into your Valentine's Day plans. Not only does this bad boy include a little something to indulge each and every one of you and your partner's five senses, you can even decorate the items inside with the free printables you'll find here

Engage In a Romantic In-Door Picnic

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While a romantic picnic under the stars is of course a viable option as well, don't let a little cold weather keep you from busting out your basket. As you can see here, a simple mixture of candles, Christmas lights, Frank Sinatra, and wine can go a very long way in setting the mood in any room. Get creative with the contents of your basket, which can include everything from chocolate to edible massage oils for dessert.

Enjoy a Little Fun and Games

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What better time to spice up your sex life than after a beautiful Valentine's Day meal? Nothing will brighten the light in your partner's eyes like whipping out a new bed room game for the two of you to take on a romantic maiden voyage. You can even get this sexy printable dice game for free online. Just print out the template and follow the directions here to take your post-dinner plans from 0 to steamy in no time.

Recreate Your First Date

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If you and your partner have been together for some time, there's nothing more adorably romantic than recreating your first date. If you've got kids, tuck those little guys in for a long night at grandma's and treat yourselves to a trip down memory lane. Whether it be renting the first movie you ever watched together or recreating your first spaghetti meal around the Ikea table that was once the main fixture of your dorm room, take the night to remind each other of all the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

Create a Romantic Meal Together

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Even if the two of you aren't exactly master chefs, get creative in coming up with a few recipes you could band together and whip up on your own. If this sounds G-rated, rest assured it'd needn't be. Use the money you would've spent on a dinner out to indulge in a truly mind-blowing bottle of wine, incorporate outfits that boil down to nothing more than chef's aprons, and/or select a dish that somehow incorporates whipped cream and wait for the magic to unfold.

Plan a Mountain Escape

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If you live in a colder climate, take advantage of all the cuddle time that cold weather can entail. See if you can't snag an overnight stay in a cabin, complete with a crackling fireplace and spend the day indulging in snowy fun. Whether it be a trip down the ski slops or a little fun at the ice skating rink, take the day to let loose and enjoy each other's company. Then head back in at the end of the night for some hot chocolate and the chance to... warm each other up by the fire.

Go On a Shopping Spree....For Each Other

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Who among us doesn't love a good shopping spree? Mix things up this Valentine's Day by hitting the shops with your honey, agreeing only to buy a few fun things for each other. Whether it be sexy under garments or even role play costumes, see what the two of you can come up with to make each other's dreams come true.

Find The Most Epic Sunset Ever

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Grab some wine, chocolates, and/or food and do a little brainstorming beforehand to see who can come up with the most beautiful place to watch the sun go down. Get a little creative and come up with lists to compare before you decide on your final Valentine's Day destination. Whether it be a sunset cruise, evening horseback ride, or just a picnic by your favorite lake, get together to watch the light the Valentine's sun setting each other's eyes.

Explore Body Painting

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If you're looking for a way to spice things up and explore each other's bodies, look into getting some lover's body paint. Some sets such as the one you'll find here are even edible and come with a little paintbrush to help excite your lover's senses.

Have a Valentine's Day Cocktail Night

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If kicking back for a few drinks and relaxing to a Rat Pack record sounds delightful, then invite your better half over for a night of drink mixing fun. Grab some fun ingredients to play around with, either on your own or with friends, and check out this free list of Valentine's cocktails to take for a spin.

Give Each Other The Gift Of Massage

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If you're looking to give your Valentine a gift they'll never forget, grab some massage oils and learn what to do with them! These days, you don't have to look far for anything from massage instruction books to Youtube videos like this one to learn the basics of a full body massage that'll send your lover over the moon. You can either surprise your partner with a firsthand lesson or agree to both do your research beforehand and then turn Valentine's into a demo day to show each other what you've learned.

Get a Room...Literally

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Sometimes nothing's nicer than just getting away, even if you don't go far. Drop the kids off with relatives or an all-night babysitter and head to a local hotel to pamper yourselves with comfy robes, room service, and of course the pleasure of each other's company.

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