Lonely Wolf Dog Won't Open Up, Until His True Love Walks In


Sometimes all it takes is a little love.

Recently a poor little guy who would go on to be named Castiel brought whole new meaning to the term “lone wolf.” When he was first found wandering through a Los Angeles suburb, local residents assumed he was an ordinary, though most probably abused dog, due to the makeshift collar he was wearing around his neck.

Due to the fact that he was clearly malnourished and incredibly skittish of humans however, the residents decided to call in a local shelter to take him into their care. The shelter staff discovered that he was about a year old and was in fact far more interesting a case than any of them may have originally expected. As it turned out, Castiel was not only part dog, but part wolf as well.

This put an urgent new spin on things, as regulations don’t allow wolf hybrids to be kept as the same shelters as dogs, due in part to the fact that they have a separate set of needs that your average pet pooch to be. The shelter staff found that they needed to relocate Castiel to a new home immediately or face the possibility of having to put him down.

Things became even trickier when it turned out that there was no available California sanctuary with room to take the poor, nervous little guy in. Thankfully however Colorado’s W.O.L.F. sanctuary stepped up to the plate and offered to take him in, as they accept both pure bred wolves as well as hybrids.

In the meantime, the poor confused Castiel stuck to the safety of his corner, too nervous to open up to his rescuers regardless of what they tried.

Thankfully however, he did end up finding the courage to consent to a much needed bath, as he was in rough shape, covered with parasites, and suffering from mange. In fact, it was during the course of his recovery that his future home, W.O.L.F. held a naming contest for their newest resident. When the votes were all in, it was decided that he would take on the name of Castiel, a character from the show Supernatural, who was regarded as an angel of resurrection.

Finally after putting on some weight, recovering from his infections, and growing a full new body of fur, Castiel was ready to travel to Colorado to meet his new pack.

As time went on, slowly but surely, the brave boy started to show interest in the other animals at his new home, though he was still a bit wary of actually approaching them. None the less, it was a good sign that he had interest in being social with his new playmates, even if he wasn’t quite sure how just yet.

Then the staff had an adorable idea: what if they were to start introducing Castiel to various female wolves one on one, to see if any of the ladies sparked his interest? As it turned out, his favorite would be a 3-year-old rescue from Wisconsin named Tenali, who was known for her sweet and playful nature.

Though Castiel was initially a bit shy to meet the spirited little lady, Tenali did not appear to mind and entertained herself with few splashes in a nearby water bucket while her new prospective beau got his bearings.

Michelle Proulx, director of animal care at W.O.L.F, said that before long, the magic started to happen. “After a couple of days, he started to realize that she wasn’t going to hurt him,” she said and revealed that eventually Castiel and Tenali started to spend more time and even play together.

“He went from not having much and being alone for who knows how long to having this girl,” Proulx says.

As Castiel goes to show, humans aren’t always the only ones that need a little time and love to help us recover from the pain of the past. You can even keep up with the new couple’s continued adventures on W.O.L.F.’s website as well as make donations to ensure the well-being of beautiful wolf rescues in need.

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