Literally Nothing But Adorable Pics Of Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog , bostonpolice

It's a bird! It's a plane! Nah, it's these adorable little fur-heroes.

When it comes to the heroes of the world, not all of them are of the two legged variety. Here we've assembled an adorable collection of therapy, police, and military dogs as gear up and prepare to start training to enter the workforce.

These furry little guys and gals are here to learn exactly what it takes to join the ranks of guide dogs, police pups, and canine warriors that help make the world a better place each and every day.

And trust us when we tell you, they couldn't look any cuter doing it.

1. "Make Sure You Get Me From My Macho Angle."

Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog , bostonpolice

2. "Is It Break Time Yet?" / Via Facebook: NNPDs-K-9-Lacey

3. "This Text Book Is Looking a Little Thick..."

4. "What? It's Bring Your Squeaky Lamb To Work Day"


5. "Stick With Me Kid, I'll Show Ya the Ropes."

Lutheran Church Charities

6. "Dah!! Get It Off, Get It Off!"


7. "Alright Rookies, Look Alive."

New Zealand Police Report

8. "Toss Me the Keys, I'm Ready to Take the Wheel."

9. Agility: Nailin' It

10. "I Hear Ladies Love a Man In Uniform..."

11. "Think Again Bad Guys..."

12. "Sup, Teach?"

13. "Stealth Is Rewarded In Treats Too, Right?"


14. "You Should'a Heard Me Howl Along to tha Sirens Tho"

15. "Lieutenant Fluffy Reporting for Duty"

Warrior Canine Connection

16. "This Badge: Not as Tasty as One Might Hope."

17. 30 Seconds After Clock-Out Be Like:


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