18 Life Hacks No Girl Should Live Without

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10 is going to change your life

Sometimes, all you need is a small tip to make you live like a pro! Check out these incredible tips below, and get ready to be WOWed.

1. Use a Magnet Board To Keep All Your Cosmetics Organized

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2. Dry Your Delicates Using a Salad Spinner


3. Paint the Inside of Rings To Keep Your Fingers Green From Turning Green

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4. Use a Magnet Strip To Keep Your Bathroom Organized

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5. Hang Your Purses With Shower Hooks

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6. Break In Shoes By Blow-drying Them While Wearing Them With Thick Socks

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7. Put Rice in a Sock and Tie the End for a DIY Heating Pad

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8. Use Static Sheets To Tame Fly Aways


9. Use Pool Noodles To Keep Your Boots Up Straight in the Closet

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10. Use Frozen Grapes To Chill Your White Wine

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11. Never Break a Nail While Adding a Key Again

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12. Use Scotch Tape to Help You Put On Braclets

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13. Keep Shoe Soles From Clean Clothes with a Shower Cap When Traveling

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14. If Traveling With Cash, Use a Little DIY Wallet

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15. The World's Best Bottle Opener

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16. Get a Grip On Your Nail Polish With Rubber Bands

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17. Use Your Old Wine Corks to Make a Cork Board

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18. Keep Necklaces From Tangling With a Straw

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