Kama Sutra Positions: 10 Moves To Try Tonight With Your Lover


Rest assured, you don't have to be a gymnast to pull off these moves!

Though almost everyone's heard of the Kama Sutra, upon picturing it you may visualize crazy ancient sex moves full of people twisted up like pretzels into impossible positions.

Rest assured however, that not all Kama Sutra positions start off nearly as complicated and are not only totally do-able but a lot of fun!

Here we've collected some basic moves that you can test out in the bedroom. Who knows? You are your partner may end up digging them so much that you're inspired to do further research for more moves to add to the collection.

1. Sammukha


If you're looking for some deep penetration, then this move promises not to disappoint. To get things going, you're gonna lean back against a wall and open your legs as wide as you can while he enters. Though it may take you both a moment to get your balance, this is an incredibly passionate position and it sets you up for deep eye contact during the magic.

2. Bandoleer


This is a great move for beginners as it's pretty easy to pull off. Simply lay down on your back and pull your knees up to your chest. As you do, your pelvis is going to naturally raise, allowing him to slip his knees under your butt for support. Then you just rest your feet on his chest and lay back and enjoy the action! This position shortens her vagina, enabling the guy to go deeper and stimulate her G-spot. 

3. The Grip


This one's a nice little twist on the missionary position and is achieved by wrapping your legs around your partner's waist in order to elevate your pelvis. If you're not feeling particularly on the limber side, don't panic! An easy modification is simply placing a pillow beneath your butt to rest your hips on. Though this one isn't complicated, it will introduce a whole new angel into the time honored missionary pose.

4. Virsha


If you've ever come across this move, you may know it by it's Americanized name of "reverse cowgirl." Regardless, if you haven't yet tried it, drop everything and go grab your boyfriend right now. A girl on top position, he simply gets to lay back and enjoy the view of your killer ass, as you straddle him backwards, facing his feet. Once lowered into position, there's nothing left to do but ride him like a rodeo cowgirl.

5. The Eagle


Another great move for maximum penetration, this one involves laying back, relaxing, and lifting your legs up towards him with your knees slightly bent. He can hold your ankles or thighs for support as he enjoys a great view of you in all her glory.

6. The Slide


Get ready to embrace your girl power for this lady on top position! Ask him to spread his legs a little so you can lay on top and keep your legs squeezed tightly together as you then- you guess it- slide back and forth atop him.

7. Tripadam


Though the penetration isn't quite as deep here, if you're up for a quickie, then this claims to be the move for you. Here, you simply face your partner and raise your leg, which he should be cool with holding as a trade of for the fact that his next move is to enter you. Though it may be tricky to get your balance at first, once you get going, this one is a lot of fun and offers maximum blood flow to all the right places, due to the fact that both of you are standing.

8. The Seated Ball


In order to get into this little love ball, you're going to crouch down and lean forward while he comes in from behind in a half sitting position. Once he's in place, you get to control the action by rocking back and forth on your heels while insisting on a back rub since he's back there already, right?

9. The Curled Angel


If you're a fan of spooning, then prepare to take it to whole new heights! Curl up on your side with your knees drawn into your chest and allow him to spoon you from behind. This is not only a sweet position, but also leaves his hands free and able to wander to a variety of delightful places.

10. The Perch


This ones puts you back in control once more and can be a fun one to do in adventurous new places around the house. The lucky man sits down on a stool or other surface and you more or less just lower yourself down onto his lap. When you're both in position, you put those squats to good use by moving up and down while he uses his hands to stimulate whatever areas you may desire.

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