Is Snap Map Draining My Phone Battery?

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Is Snap Map draining your phone battery? The answer's a little more complex.

If you're into Snapchat's newest feature, which allows you to find out your friends' location on a super accurate map, you may be asking, "Is Snap Map draining my phone battery?" In case you're unfamiliar with [Snap Map])(, it's Snapchat's newest offering which they claim was developed to help friends interact in real life by alerting them to each other's locations any time they're using the feature.

As convenient as the interactive map may be for meeting up with and locating friends, it's semi-stalker like nature has managed to slightly sketch out users around the globe as well as raise concerns about whether Snap Map will drain phone batteries faster than ever before. While whether you chose to engage with others on the map or lurk in the shadows via it's "ghost mode" is ultimately up to you, we can help you as far as your battery question are concerned.

The Actual Issue Behind Snapchat And Battery Drainage

As far as whether Snap Map is taking a huge toll on your battery or not, the answer is somewhere between yes and no. The real issue when it comes to battery life is that whether you use Snap Map or not, Snapchat itself is constantly using location tracking data whenever you're using the app for any reason, as long as you have its location filters enabled.

Up to this point, Snapchat didn't do much else with your location info other than use it to determine which geofilters to offer you based on your location, but it does collect such info constantly, which may well be the reason your phone battery is always so drained. In other words, enabling Snapchat to follow your location will drain just as much battery life whether you enabled location tracking in order to engage in Snap Map or simply geofilters alone.

Luckily however, there are a few ways to cut down on the massive toll that Snapchat could be taking on your battery life.

Disable Location Permission to Save Battery

If you've decided that Snap Mapping is not for you at the moment and are willing to go geofilter free, at least for a little while, the easiest way to save on data is to disable the location permission for Snapchat on your phone.

Even if losing the ability to engage in the two features sounds like a harrowing blow, rest assured that you'll be able to turn location tracking back on any time you want, but in the meantime might as well save a little battery life. After all, one of the biggest reasons for Snapchat's battery drain is that it's constantly checking for location updates in the background, whether you use it all that much or not.

On some phone's you'll have the ability to make sure that location services are only used whenever you're actually using the app, but on other's you'll have to manually enable and disable it depending on when, if ever, you want Snapchat to be able to track your location. For more info on how to exactly to go about finding and controlling Snapchat's GPS tracking options click here for iPhones and here for Androids.

After this is done, Snapchat won't constantly be scanning for your location and your phone will be able to get a break and retain much more battery life.

Enable 'Travel Mode' to Save Data

Another way you can keep Snapchat from being such a battery hog is to put it into ‘Travel Mode.' Basically, this option saves you data by stopping Snapchat from constantly preloading Snaps and Stories in the background, even when you aren't using it.

In order to do so, just open the app and swipe down to the main menu. Tap on the little gear icon and then select "manage preferences." Enable the "travel mode" option, which you can of course disable just as easily any time, and save yourself a ton of data by allowing Snapchat to stop constantly using it in the background.