Hysterical Kid Shaming Pics You Need In Your Life Right Now

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And you thought YOUR kids were a handful...

Saying kids are a handful is an understatement. Here are some of the most hilarious kid shaming pictures going viral from parents all around the world:

1. You Can Hear His Delightfully Evil Laugh From Here

2. The Marker: Amazing. The Smurf Song: Priceless.

3. Tag Teaming It: Winning

4. Mom Watches as Her Brilliant Plan Unfolds

5. This Little Lady Has a Bone To Pick With the Higher Ups

6. Babies: Pure Class Personified

7. Behold a Brilliant Creative Mind at Work

8. A Brilliant Prankster in the Making

9. Lesson Learned

10. As If the Thought of Housework Doesn't Tempt Mom to Do the Same

11. This Little Animal Lover Regrets Nothing

12. This Ain't Gonna End Well

13. Privacy: A Distant Memory in the Minds of Parents Everywhere

14. Get Your Groove on Little Man

15. Call It Accessorizing...

16. Oh Boy.

17. Yes, Yes! Let the Excessive Energy Flow Through You!

18. Way to Keep Him on His Toes Little Gal

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