How To See Someone's Story On Instagram If They're Private


Happen to have a crush whose Instagram status has led you to wonder how to see someone's story on Instagram if they're private? Or perhaps you've got a private account yourself and are wondering just how far your privacy setting on your Instagram account goes? Well, as it turns out there are actually a few different ways to see someone's Instagram story, whether they have a private account or not.

Currently, knowing how to see someone's story on Instagram if they're private is still only relevant to private accounts, which you have to have to get permission in order to follow and see any stories on at all, as opposed to public accounts which anyone can view stories on, whether they're a follower or not. Though Instagram is currently testing out an option to make only specific posts available to view by certain user selected groups, the option hasn't rolled out to the public at large yet.

In the meantime, we'll discuss the various tactics when it comes to how to see someone's story on Instagram if they're private, ranging from the direct to the risky.

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Just Ask

Okay, so it's not the most ingenious option in the book, but when it comes to viewing someone's private account, the easiest way is just to send them a follower request. The person in question will get a notification that you'd like to join in on the Instagram fun and may only have a private account to make sure that they only connect with people they know in real life.

You can also send a private message along in order to identify yourself and describe how you know them or where you met, which will hopefully help them open up to the possibility of adding you. Another key factor here is making sure that your own profile, if public, gives them no reason not to want to add you so make sure you steer clear of anything sketchy.

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Ask An Intermediary

So maybe you have a huge crush on a friend of a friend but are too shy to send him a friend request for whatever reason. Another super easy way to go about gaining access to his private profile in order to search out signs of whether or not there already appears to be a woman in his life, is to simply ask a friend who already has access to it. Maybe you've got a brother who happens to play on a sports team with him or a friend whose boyfriend knows him from work. With the right amount of shameless begging them not to tell, perhaps they'll let you borrow their phone for long enough to check things out.

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Get A Little Shady

From this point on, you're about to read about a few options you didn't hear from us. While we don't necessarily suggest any of the following, there are certain situations, such as discovering your boyfriend or husband is sporting a private account on the side, which we can understand might tempt even the strongest among us to get her snoop on. Unless you find yourself in such a situation however, we'd highly recommend the above two approaches in order to save yourself from being labeled a Grade A creeper should your plot be discovered.

The first is of course to make a fake account with the photo of another pretty girl, which in itself is a good way to test whether a lover you suspect may be cheating will confirm "her" follow request. If he does, then once you're on the inside, hopefully you'll be able to get a feel pretty quickly of what it is he may be hiding.

The second is one that we want to make sure you understand is risky and ask that you be incredibly careful about attempting from your own phone or computer. That said, there are a number of "Private Profile Viewers" out there, such as Istaprivate and Instaprivateprofileviewer which offer access to the private accounts of other Instagram users. While they may be worth a look if you're in a situation which you feel can't be resolved any other way, just be careful about offering up too much private information on any of these sites and make sure you have virus guards securely in place before taking the leap.

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Hopefully this advice will help get you a little closer to the information you seek!

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