How To Find Your Ex Boyfriend On Instagram

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Looking to reconnect with an old flame? Here are some tips and tricks to help you find him on Instagram.

If you've ever found yourself wondering how to find an ex boyfriend on Instagram, then rest assured you're not alone. Perhaps now that you're older and wiser you've had time to rethink a few relationships that ended badly and are possibly worth revisiting. Or maybe you've decided to pursue a friendship with an old flame who you wish you'd had more time with back in the pre-Instagram day or are wondering what ever became of him.

When it comes to how to find your ex boyfriend on Instagram, there's always of course the obvious tactic of searching his name, which thankfully can be a bit of an easier approach with men than women, since their last names aren't likely to change even if it does turn out they've since married. Things can get a little more tricky however, if they only chose to use a screen name, nickname, or initials, especially if you don't know their Instagram handle or if they even have one.

Here we'll look into a few techniques that you may find useful when it comes to how to find your ex boyfriend on Instagram that will hopefully help you reconnect.

Using Other Social Media Or Email

Things of course get much easier if you still happen to be friends with your ex on Facebook or Twitter, as Instagram allows you to import your contacts from social media. Even if you aren't still actively friends with him on either service but happen to remember the handle he went by, that can be a good place to start. Try searching Instagram to see if perhaps he used the same one or something similar.

Another starting point could be his email if you happen to remember it, as Instagram also allows this as a search option, provided he hasn't changed it. If he has, it may be time to do a little Google detective work and see if you can find out where he works, as company websites will often list the contacts of their employees.

Try Going Through Mutual Friends

Even if you haven't managed to stay in contact with the guy you had a blast with at Jr. Prom, the odds are that someone in your class has. Try to remember the mutual friends you guys hung out with and see if you're in contact with or can even find any of them. Then scroll through their "followers" and "following" lists to see if perhaps he's among them. If, of course, the mutual contact is someone you're still close with, you can always direct message them and just ask them if they have any clues about how to get in touch.

Look For Photos Of Him

If you still can't locate him or suspect he may have grown into one of those dudes that hosts a portrait of his cat as his profile picture, the another helpful hint is to try to find photos he's tagged in to help you verify his handle. In order to try to find one, try scrolling through his friends photos or searching for him with any info you may have managed to retain. Try searching a hashtag of the school you both went too along with your class year. Or perhaps you have a hazy memory of him playing on his town's local softball team? Try a hashtag search of the team's name to see if maybe he still is. Other clues could come in the form of the company he works for or even by searching for co-workers who may be in touch with him.

Hopefully this info has given you some ideas when it comes to reconnecting with an old flame!

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