How To Delete Photos Off Of A Stolen iPhone

When it comes to being able to delete your data in case your phone is stolen, it's always best to be prepared.

How To Delete Photos Off Of A Stolen iPhone

Though no one wants to consider a situation in which you'd need to know how to delete photos off of a stolen iPhone, the steps you'll need to take to protect yourself before the phone is actually stolen are incredibly important. According to New York Daily News, smartphones are one of the most stolen items in urban areas, so when it comes to protecting your property, you can't be too careful.

One of the most important fix-it-yourself steps when it comes to how to delete photos off of a stolen iPhone is to make sure that you set up and use Find My iPhone as soon as you get your new phone. The pluses of having access to Find My iPhone actually extend beyond theft, as it's always a handy way to locate your phone on the fly, even if you just misplaced it between some random couch cushions.

Whether you're phone has actually been stolen or even if you just want to be prepared just in case the worst should ever happen, check out these simple instructions for how to delete pictures off of a stolen iPhone, to keep you ahead of the game.

Setting Up Find My iPhone

As we mentioned above, setting up Find My iPhone is one of the most important steps when it comes to deleting data off of a missing phone in the even that you can't recover it. The chances are, you may have already even done it, as most iPhone's prompt new users to activate the features upon setup. The other thing to consider for long term protection, is choosing a phone service with a wide coverage area, because you'll only be able to access your phone remotely when it has service.

Erasing Your Photos and Data

When you go to actually use it to find your lost or stolen phone, first you'll want to log into Apple's iCloud with your Apple ID at

Once there, you'll click on Find My iPhone.

Click on All Devices on the next window that comes up and you should see a list of all your devices, from which you can chose the one you're attempting to track down. If your phone is simply lost, this can help you track it and even have it play a loud noise to help you locate its position.

If however, this isn't helpful or you decide that you would rather go ahead and erase the phone, you'll click on the option to Erase iPhone.

You'll then be prompted to enter your Apple ID password.

From here, you'll have the opportunity to enter a phone number and message that will be displayed on the screen of your lost or stolen iPhone after it's been erased. Think carefully about how much and what information you want to give out here, especially if you're fairly certain that your phone was actually stolen. If you think you may have lost it at a friend's house for instance, you may be a little more comfortable giving out another personal phone number that you would be if you were mugged, in which case you may want to give the number local law enforcement handling your case or another secure number that won't point the thief in your direction. You'll want the message to read something like "This iPhone has been lost or stolen. Please contact this number to return to owner." After this done, anyone who sees the phone will know that it's been stolen.

Once you've entered the message you want to send, you're ready to erase your photos and the rest of your data off of your iPhone. If the phone is currently online, the erase will begin right away and you'll be sent a confirmation email that you're good to go. If however, its offline, then the process of erasing your phone will happen as soon as it's online again.

Next Steps

If you're sure that your phone was stolen and don't expect to recover it anytime soon, you'll definitely want to put in a call to your service provider as soon as possible. This way they'll be able to suspend your service and make sure you won't be held responsible for any calls or other charges the thief might attempt to make using your device.

Restoring Your Data To A New Or Recovered Phone

Should you end up finding your phone or getting a new one, rest assured that your information won't have been lost forever as long as your phone was set up using iCloud back up before you erased it. Once you get your phone back or get a new one, you can just retrieve all your lost information from the iCloud, which is the next best thing to not have having your phone stolen at all.

As you can see, when it comes to knowing how to delete your info off of a stolen iPhone, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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