How To Bring New Moves Into The Bedroom

Time to shake things up a bit!

So you've been with your partner for a while, maybe you're even in love or married. But perhaps things in the bedroom have gotten a little bit... predictable.

It's not that you don't love each other, in fact it may be just the opposite. You've grown to enjoy the comfort, trust, and familiarity that comes along with a long term relationship, but every now and then you miss that initial passion you had when you first met.

Fear not, for here we've got a few fun suggestions about how to come up with an introduce some sexy new moves into the bedroom!

Shake Things Up a Bit

Rest assured that this doesn't necessarily mean you've got to turn your entire sex life on its head just because things have gotten a little routine. The odds are that your favorite moves are your favorites for a reason so rather than set them on the back burner entirely, just try expanding on them a little bit. You may be surprised at how even little changes can bring some excitement back to your sex life.

For instance, trying utilizing some pillows under various places like your lower back to experiment with the ensuing new angles. Or, think about replacing that old creaky bed with one of these top rated best mattresses for sex. Tired of sticking to the bed? Try venturing out into various other parts of the house such as on the stairs or even start out on top of the washing machine! These simple tricks can help you see old favorites from a whole new perspective…literally.

Explore the Possibilities of All the Senses

A fun way to explore new things in the bedroom is to try enticing senses that otherwise might go ignored. Think about your where your eyes usually are during a normal lovemaking session. Have you ever tried maintaining eye contact during a particularly steamy moment? On the other end of the spectrum, what might it be like to introduce a blindfold into the action?

Even something as simple as making love by candlelight only can create a whole new vibe, not to mention open up whole new possibilities where scented candles are concerned.

When it comes to hearing, maybe it's time to try a little dirty talk or test out what it's like to make love to various types of romantic music. You might be surprised at how different styles such as jazz can change and enhance your rhythm.

As far as touch goes, the possibilities are endless. You can introduce everything from body oils to silk scarves to feathers into the mix. Seeing how much you can turn each other on without even touching with your hands can be a crash course in exactly how tantalizing various textures can be.

Do a Little Research

As we covered before, spicing up your sex life doesn't necessarily mean it's time to do a complete 180 and go all 50 shades on each other. Try playing a game where each of you have a certain amount of time to do a little research and come up with just one new move a piece that you'll try on a given night.

Not only is this a great way to build up a new collection of moves if you decide to make it a regular habit, the anticipation of wondering what your partner is going to come up with is a form of foreplay all its own.

Experiment with Sexy Games

One of the hardest things about introducing new moves to your partner can be the vulnerability that comes along with admitting some of the things you might be into if you were given the chance to try them. Introducing a sexy game or even a set of spicy sex dive into the mix can be a good way to break the ice.

Aim for something that includes some of the moves or scenarios you've always fanaticized about but are too afraid to suggest. That way when they come up, they'll come eventually come up and give you a chance to test drive. You're likely to come across a few unexpected new favorites in the process as well.

Play Around with Props

Some props, such as swings, come with their own new set of moves! Others such as toys, restraints, or even oils also introduce a whole new range of possibilities and will add a little excitement and get your creative gears turning.

Lighten the Mood

A great way to lighten the mood and switch things up a little is to turn a game into a…well, sexier version of the same game. This can include everything from crazy board or trivia games in which the winner wins a full body massage or the special favor of their choice. Make certain old stand-by positions against the rules or even play a crazy game of truth of dare and wait for the fun to begin!