Hidden Camera Catches Care Giver Stealing From Elderly War Hero

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You know how when you hear a story about people who steal from the elderly or disabled your mind is tempted to subtly resist the idea that such people exist in the world? Right up there with anyone who would hurt kittens or babies, the idea of a person who'd do such a thing can almost seem like almost too much to process. Unfortunately, video has surfaced in Spalding, Lincolnshire that proves that acts like this are occasionally committed and often by the people you'd least expect.

Peter Carpenter, 89, a war veteran from the U.K. has been hiring carers to help him out at home ever since 2015, as he suffers from health problems caused by an aneurysm and arthritis. Recently however, began to notice money disappearing from his wallet. In order to try and catch the culprit, he began to mark bills which he then checked to make sure where still in place after various visitors had come and gone from his home. It wasn't until his family helped him set up hidden cameras however, that Mr. Carpenter discovered the horrible truth.

As you can see in the footage below, the thief turned out to be carer Susan Pell who had been coming into Mr. Carpenter's home twice a week to help him with personal hygiene.

After seeing the theft unfold for himself, Carpenter was "devastated" and confessed that he found the images "sickening." Saddest of all perhaps, the shocked veteran said that if the carer would have only asked, he would've been happy to give her money if she'd needed it.

After being caught in the act, Pell pled guilty to Boston Magistrates' Court and admitted to stealing a total of £50 from Mr. Carpenter. Her lawyer, Sonya Bhalla said that although Pell had found herself in a bit of debt, she was still at a loss to explain exactly why she had stolen the money, as she could've easily asked for it from her husband.

Magistrates pointed out however, that not only had Pell caused "distress and shock to the victim," she had also placed everyone else who had come into the house during the time surrounding the thefts under suspicion.

Though Pell managed to avoid jail in the end, she was sentenced to a year-long community order and 150 of unpaid community service. She was also told to repay the £50 to Mr. Carpenter and a total of £170 for costs and charges.

How can we stop such dishonest theft happening from our war heros and veterans? What do you think we should do?

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