Heroic Driver Steps Into Oncoming Highway Traffic To Save This Angel

via pixabay

Though car dash cams tend to be pretty limited in many parts of the world, it seems that they're kind of a big deal in Russia. In fact an estimated one million drivers in Russia have installed and use dash cams regularly, siting reasons that range from insurance fraud protection to insurance against crooked cops. Every now and then however, some of these in-car cameras catch something incredible and in this case absolutely adorable.

As the footage reveals, the car's driver was cruising along minding his own business one day when suddenly a tiny calico blur appeared on the side of his dash cam screen. Slowing his car with caution, the driver watches as what turns out to be the teeniest kitten ever saunters out into the highway and proceeds to hide herself under the tire of a nearby vehicle.


Thankfully the gentleman driver puts his car into park, goes all hero on the situation, and rushes into traffic to save the tiny feline from what could have been a terrible fate indeed. Luckily he scoops up the adorable furball, who by that point seems to have realized that she might not have been having the most forward thinking day.


The poor hero appears a bit confused as to what exactly to do next as the tiny purr-ball proceeds to climb up his jacket and give her knight in a shining wind breaker tiny thank you kisses. Luckily it isn't long before another driver pulls out to help out the adorable duo. Needless to save, this is one heroic driver whose made a furry little friend for life.

And it's clear from the pictures, this Russian knight in shining armor has made a friend for life!

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