Groom Cooks Bacon, When A Stray Dog Appears, She Steals The Wedding


When most people think of a bachelor party, "heartwarming" may not be the first title they'd used to describe the antics they'd expect to go on. When a groom to be named Mitchel Craddock and his eight groomsmen headed out for a bachelor weekend in the hills of Tennessee however, they ended up having a very different experience that even they might've expected.

On the first morning of their trip, the guys were enjoying a manly breakfast full of bacon, only to look outside and find an adorable girl standing outside their front door. The lady in question was no stripper however, but a sweet stray dog that they guys ended up naming Annie.

Though Annie was at first hesitant to come inside and crash the party, the stared hungrily at the bacon on their plates with the adorable bacon-envy all dogs seem to be able to conjure on command.

As they befriended the gentle stray and gradually earned her trust, the guys could tell that Annie had recently given birth but had been so malnourished that all her milk seemed to have dried up.

After being treated to an eager meal, Annie hung out to romp around the woods with the guys, who noticed her acting very protective of one spot in particular.

That's when they discovered the secret that the little lady had been hiding- the hole in which she had securely nuzzled her seven babies in the ground while she was in search of food.

One by one, the puppies crawled out of the hole to check out what was going on and join in the party and appeared to be in surprisingly healthy shape.

As she cautiously watched the guys interact with her babies, Annie's trust in them only grew, as she found herself just as helpless as any other woman to resist the allure of a man holding a tiny baby animal.

Before they knew it, the bachelor party turned into an all out dog fest as the guys rushed out to spend all their money on dog food and supplies for their new little buddies.

The happiest news of all is that the fun didn't end there for the puppies, who were dubbed Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn, and Rose. Unwilling to leave their new friends at the mercy of the wild, the guys took Annie and her family home where they were all adopted by Mitchel, his groomsman, or their loved ones, all of whom live within a five mile radius.