Genius New Technology That’s Outsourcing Everyday Problems


Get ready to feast your eyes on all the technological solutions the world didn't know it needed... until now.

You won't have any more first world problems with these brilliant technological advances!

This Japanese Bathroom That Plays Music So No One Can Hear You Pee

This Elevator With Foot Operated Buttons

This Handy Button That Let's You Tell Your Waiter When You Need Service

This Cold Weather Simulator For Coat Shoppers

This Water Fountain For Both People and Dogs

This Subway That Lets Passengers Pay by Recycling

This Car That Withholds Your Radio Privileges Until You Buckle Up

This Highlighter With a Window That Lets You See What You're Highlighting

This Microfiber Tie For Cleaning Your Cell Screen or Glasses

These Desks With Peddles for the Restless Learner

This Gas Station With Roof Pumps

This Sorcery

This Motorcycle Jacket With Built In Turn Signals

This Exit Ramp For Frogs or Other Creatures Who End Up In Swimming Pools

These Rotating Benches For a Dry Seat Even After It Rains

The "Silent Partner" Patch Which Creates an Anti-Snore Sound Zone

Nike's New Self Lacing Shoe With Built In Heel Sensors

Behold: Honda's New Robotic Lawn Mower

This Smart Card That Stores All Your Credit Cards Numbers On One

This Patch That Can Access Your Health and Upload the Results to Your Phone

This Paint That Kills Infection-Causing Bacteria

PetChatz- The Camera That Lets You Talk To Your Pets While You're Away

Pantelligent- The Pan With Built In Sensors For Flawless Cooking

This Mirror With Heaters That Keep It From Ever Fogging

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