Even Science Agrees, Not Washing Your Hair Is Actually Good For You

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Because life's too short to wait for your hair to dry.


Ever had those days when the thought of going through the whole lather, rinse, blow-dry, flat-iron routine just doesn't fit into your busy schedule?

Well if so, then rest assured that science has got your back as far as the instinct to skip washing your locks every now and then goes.

While all women are different and some of us struggle with oil a little more than others, the experts say that busting out the dry shampoo every now and then may have more benefits than you realize.

Here's why:

1. Over-Washing Strips Your Hair of Natural Oils


While it's true that no one wants to go around with a greasy looking head, the natural oils that your scalp produces aren't necessarily a bad thing.

They're actually called sebum and according to Jeni Thomas, principal scientist for P&G Beauty and Grooming in Cincinnati, OH they are sort of like natures natural conditioner.

The ticket is in brushing your hair often enough that the sebum doesn't get stuck at your roots but is equally distributed across your whole head.

Not only does washing your hair less frequently eventually decrease the amount of sebum that your scalp feels the need to produce, it lets it linger long enough to do it's thing, which can result in stronger hair and less breakage.

2. Daily Washing Makes Your Color Fade Faster


If you regularly dye your hair, your color is going to last a lot longer if you take it easy on the washes.

Even WebMD advises that not washing as frequently is the best way to keep your color fresh longer and avoid a faded, brassy look.

3. Less Washing Gives You Shiner Locks


According to Matrix Hair Care, only washing your hair two to three times a week can combat dryness and frizziness.

Those natural oils you're stripping away every time you shampoo are actually frizz fighters that can keep your hair looking shiny and give it a fuller, more shinier look.

4. Less Washing Equals Less Split Ends


If you're having problems with breakage or split ends , try cutting your daily shampoo routine in half.

This gives your hair more time to strengthen itself via natural oils and leaves it better protected. To avoid the greasiness that conditioning can bring on, try conditioning only the ends of your hair, rather than piling a bunch of product on right at the scalp.

5. Less Frequent Washing Cuts Down On Heat Styling


It's no secret that blow-drying and heat styling aren't the best for your hair even they do make it look awesome.

By not washing as frequently, you're able to give your hair a break from the trauma of going under the blow-dryer every single day.

6. Slightly Dirty Hair Is Actually Easier To Style


Especially if you have limp hair that doesn't seem up for holding curl for the life of it, giving it a little extra room between washes can work to your advantage.

Try not washing it for a few days and then give it another shot. You may just find that the break made it a little more cooperative.

7. Less Frequent Washing Leads To Less Product Use


While the temptation may be to wash your hair every day to rid it from all the products you use when styling, the odds are that right after the wash you proceed to infuse it with them all over again.

By cutting down on washing out all the products you've used the day before, you may find that they actually work longer than you think and that there's less of a need to pile on as much as you would've if you had started from scratch.

8. Over-Washing Can Produce Dandruff


This one goes back to the sebum and natural oils concept. By washing your hair everyday, you're pretty much flushing them out which can actually result in a dry scalp.

This unfortunately goes a long way in producing dandruff and may give you a whole new set of problems. Ironically, by washing your hair less frequently, you'll actually cut down on the amount of natural oils- and dandruff- you have to contend with on a regular basis.

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