Easy DIY Home Décor Hacks That Are Borderline Genius


Get ready to get your decor on without breaking the bank!

If you love doing arts, crafts and other DIY things, check out these creative projects that won't cost you an arm and a leg:

Use an Old Book Cover To Hide Your Wireless Router

Use Old Jewelry For Boho Style Curtain Ties

Use Command Hooks as Super Easy Curtain Hangers


Paint the Sides of Dresser Drawers for a Fun Little Pop of Color

Use Old Rope For Curtain Hangers To Create a Rustic or Nautical Effect

Make a Cool Little DIY Photo Gallery with Washi Tape

Create a Candle Display in an Unused Fireplace

Turn Over Old Wine Glasses and Use Them as Classy Candle Holders

Poke Holes In a Boring Lampshady For a Cool Starry Effect

Hang Fabric as Wall Paper Using Corn Starch and Water

Get the directions here

Turn an Old School TV Set Into a One of a Kind Storage Cabinet

Turn Old Light Bulbs Into Awesome Little Hanging Planters

Turn an Old Pallet Into a Wall Desk

Get the directions here!

Turn an Old Ladder Into a New Bookshelf

Turn an Old Drawer Into a Storage Shelf

Screw Some Hooks Into an Empty Picture Frame to Create a Key Holder

Upcycle an Old Shutter Into a Mail Organizer

Turn an Old Fishing Pole Into a Super Creative Photo Display

Turn Some Old Cinder Blocks and Board Into a Patio Bench

Turn Some Old Books Into an Awesome Knife Block

Spice Up Your Light Switches with a Picture Frame

Get Your Sea Glass On!

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