Don’t Be THAT Girl: 14 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

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There's a time and a place for everything, but a first date isn't one of those times...

1. Don't Stay Glued To Your Phone

Even if it beeps, buzzes, or otherwise indicates you have a notification, there's nothing worse than talking to someone who seems like there's something more important going on on their phone screen.

If your date's taken the time to get to know you, give them the gift of your attention.

2. Don't Show Up Looking Overly Shabby

Though there's no need to show up read carpet ready, it's a sweet gesture to make an effort to look nice for your date. Showing up over-casual make make it look like you don't care and can be especially awkward if they show up looking nice for you.

3. Best Not To Be Overly Open

There's a fine line between sharing and over-sharing but one that must be trodden carefully. Keep the first date light and let your date get to know you.

If it goes well there will be plenty of time to introduce more serious topics down the line.

4. Better Not To Get TOO Friendly With The Booze

We've all been there. One minute you're having a few drinks to loosen up and the next day you're waking up wondering how one drink turned into six... or beyond.

Take it easy on the booze and be sure to drink plenty of water! There's nothing worse than finally meeting a great guy only to go home wondering if you came across as a total boozer... or worse yet waking up to him the next day when you were tryna' take things slow.

5. Never Be Obnoxious With Your Waiter

If you're one of those folks who loves getting snappy with a waiter, retail worker, or anyone else in a service position: please stop it.

Pretty much everyone whose ever worked one of these positions knows there's nothing worse. Even if you haven't had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of a nightmare customer, odds are your date may have and is inwardly cringing along with the subject of your attack.

6. Don't Show Up Late!

Though there are few men who have never had the pleasure of waiting on a woman, it's a time honored bad habit best saved for later on in the relationship.

First dates are filled with enough nerves as it is, don't leave your poor date waiting around wondering if you're gonna ghost out.

7. Don't Limit The Discussion To Your Kids - Or Forget To Mention You Have Them

While you should definitely be upfront about the fact that you have kids if you do, careful not to let them dominate the conversation either.

After all, your date is there to get to know you, not the little guys.

8. Hold Off On Planning Your Future Family

Though it may seem like common sense, don't let your maternal clock get the best of you. Even if it's love at first sight, save the baby naming until at least love at tenth sight.

9. Impassioned Rants May Be Best Left For Down The Road

There's a fine line between letting him know what your interests are and overwhelming him with your views. Tread it carefully, there's no need to come across as overly angry or scare him off if he doesn't feel quite as passionately about whale's rights as you do at this stage.

10. Don't Invite Exes Into The Conversation

Whether it be your's or your dates- don't do it! There's a reason things didn't end well with your exes so leave them in the past where they belong.

11. Dont' Limit The Conversation To Yourself

Let your date get to know you for sure but don't get so caught up talking about yourself that you forget to give them a chance to do the same!

Make sure to ask plenty of questions to give them a chance to open up as well.

12. Don't Over Do It On The Compliments

While a sincere compliment is lovely, a plethora of over-compliments can just come across as either trying to hard or worse yet being fake.

Save them for one or two things you really like about your date so they will matter more when they're offered.

13. Don't Force Him To Carry The Entire Conversation

The only thing worse than someone who hogs the whole conversation? Someone who refused to participate in it at all.

Chime on in rather than make him feel like he's putting on a one man show!

14. Last But Not Least... Don't Eat The Garlic

Just trust us on this one.

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