DIY Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Day

Add a little unique lighting to your life with this awesome DIY lamp and lighting ideas.

Looking to redecorate your home or apartment? Try some of these bright ideas:

Create a DIY Chandelier With a Hula Hoop and Some Christmas Lights

Drill Holes In a Painted Tin To Make a DIY Night Light

Use the Top of an Old Globe as a Unique Lampshade

Mount Old Wine Bottles and Use Them as Tiki Torches

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Use Patterned Bathroom Cups as Christmas String Light Covers

Drill Holes In Old Books and Thread a Skinny Lamp Through Them

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Thread a Light Through Old Pipes and Glue Them Together

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Convert a Music Stand Into a Table Lamp

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Poke Holes In a Dark Lamp Shade To Make a Silhouette Picture

Create Tiny Lamps With Wine Glasses, Candles, and Scarp Book Paper Shades

Glue Paint Chip Samples To a Blank Lamp Shade To Add a Little Color

Make a Table Lamp By Gluing Beads To a Mason Jar and Putting in a Candle

Create a Box Lamp By Gluing Together Old Bottle Caps

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Attach Some Lights To an Old Skateboard For an Awesome Wall Lamp

Thread a Light Kit Up Through a Paint Roller For This Super Creative Lamp

Glue Toys To a Lamp Stand and Pray Paint For This Epic Lamp Look

Put Old Booze Bottles To Work as Desk Lamps

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Check Out This Lamp Made of an Old Coke Can Tabs

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