Cute Shoes To Wear To The State Fair

Check out the best types of cute shoes to keep your feet protected at the State Fair.

When selecting your State Fair outfit, cute shoes to wear to the State Fair can be the trickiest part to master. While State Fair fashion is ideally all about comfort and fun, given that you'll be spending a long day outside, shoes are perhaps the most important thing to consider.

Though the temptation can be strong to pair an adorable outfit with your favorite pair of heels when selecting cute shoes to wear to the State Fair, beware that given the incredibly dusty and often muddy sites that State Fair's are sometimes held on, the sacrifice may ultimately be one you want to rethink. Rest assured however that there are plenty of other alternatives without sacrificing the look you're going for.

Here you'll find some of the best choices when it comes to cute shoes to wear to the State Fair when considering things like comfort, practicality, and fashion. So whether you're heading down to check out the world famous corndogs of the Texas State Fair or enjoying Original Cream Puffs in Wisconsin, hopefully this list will give you some ideas for the perfect shoes to stay cute and comfortable all day long!

Seize the Opportunity To Try Out Shorts and Boots

Given the rocky, dusty terrain that you may encounter when your annual State Fair comes to town, boots are perhaps the safest choice when it comes to footwear. So if you've got a pair of cowgirl boots lurking in the back of your closet, now is the perfect chance to tap into your inner cowgirl. Try pairing a cute pair of boots or booties with denim shorts and a tank top or loose flowing bohemian style top that will keep you cool throughout the day. If you're into accessories, any turquoise or western style belts you've got will mix perfectly as you enjoy a fun day out in the sun without having to worry about protecting your feet.

Stay Comfortable In Tennis Shoes

If you've got an old pair of Converse or other tennis shoes, the State Fair is a great place to bring them back out for an encore. You can even have a little fun with them by dressing them up with fabric, lace, or even a little bit of bling to dress them up a bit while still keeping it comfortable and casual.

Be Particular About Your Sandals Style

Though sandals can be a great way to keep your feet cool while you're checking out the fun of the State Fair, as anyone who has ever lost a flip flop on a ride can tell you, they should be selected with care. Try going for a pair of lace up or strap-on sandals so you won't have to worry about tucking taking off your flip-flops before the ride starts and tucking them into your purse. You'll also want to be careful to try and select a pair that have thick enough soles to withstand the rocky ground you'll find at many state fairs.


If you're wearing a dress or even a dressier outfit than flats can be an easy way to even out your outfit. As with sandals, make sure that you chose a pair that have thick enough soles to withstand the rocky terrain you may encounter throughout the day. You'll also want to make sure that whichever pair you chose fit you well enough that they're not going to go rogue and fly off while you're on a ride. There's nothing worse than being forced to take a break from the State Fair fun because of an impromptu shoe hunt!

When it comes to your State Fair outfit, your feet will definitely thank you for being mindful of footwear!

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