Cute Outfits That Will Make You Stand Out at a State Fair

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Check out these State Fair outfits that mix fashion and fun.

Each year summer seems to usher in some of the greatest things in life like trips to the beach, plenty of sunshine, and of course the the chance to pick out cute outfits to wear to the State Fair! State Fair fashion can be a little on the tricky side however, as it seems to be about balancing a day of running around enjoying things like Pork Chops On-a-Stick and cheese curds with the high probability of running into people you know from all over town.

Fear not however, because here we've collected a set of hints that will hopefully help you out when it comes to selecting cute outfits to wear to the State Fair.

Whether you're into chic bohemian styles or taking the opportunity to let your inner cowgirl run wild, here you'll find a collection of cute outfits to wear to the State Fair that will give you some great ideas, no matter what look you decide to tackle.

Nothing Says State Fair Like Flaunting A Little Flannel

When it comes to picking out a great State Fair outfit, you can't go wrong by working a little flannel into the mix. Keep in mind that you're going to be spending most of the day outdoors and that it may be much cooler after the sun sets that when you first arrive, so keeping a flannel shirt handy is a good way to make sure that you don't get frozen out of your plans early when the temperature starts to drop. Plus, there's something about all that dust flying around and all the farm animals who are likely to be present that just makes a State Fair the ideal place to tap into your inner country girl.

Let Your Inner Cowgirl Fly Free

Ever notice how State Fair's almost always seem to feature great Country artists? If you're not a fan of flannel then the Cowgirl look may be the way to go. So grab your favorite pair of jean shorts, pair it with a tank top, and enjoy the chance to flaunt your favorite pair of cowgirl boots. Though the temptation to wear heels to dress up your outfit, keep in mind that they may not feel as cute when you're struggling to fish them out of the mud as they do in front of your mirror at home!

Work In A Comfortable Boho Top

If you want to dress up your State Fair outfit a little bit without going too over the top, then try working in a lose bohemian style shirt. Especially if your State fair tends to be at a hotter time of the year, these free flowing shirts are a great way to make sure you stay cool and ventilated while still managing to look adorable. Plus they lend themselves to plenty of cute ideas for belts and other boho accessories.

Bust Out Your Favorite Over-Alls

These days overalls have made a comeback and there's no better place to try your new pair out than a State Fair near you! Not only are they super comfortable, you can pair them with anything from a long shirt to a tank top. Work in a cute pair of shoes or boots and your shades and you'll be ready to hit the fair all day long, with plenty of pockets in tow for your tickets and cash.

Rock a Little Retro

If you're into the retro or vintage look, the State Fair is a fun place to wear some of your favorite casual threads. Try a pair of shorts and a cardigan or a cute retro dress with your favorite set of flats. The great thing about this look is that it lends itself to a huge amount of fashion possibilities, from cool retro shades to awesome bags and jewelry. Just make sure you don't wear anything you mind getting a little dusty!

Keep It Fun And Casual

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to the State Fair is that above all else, you're there to have fun! Remember that old pair of Converse you loved in high school? Perhaps now is the time for them to make a comeback! Just pair them with your favorite pair of denim shorts and a favorite tank or t-shirt and spend the day having a great time instead of worrying about keeping your clothes immaculate!

Dare To Wear A Dress

Perhaps among the most famous State fair fashion questions of all time is, "To wear a dress or not to wear a dress?" This can be a tricky one, especially if you're on a date but still want to go on all the fun rides without risking the wind giving your date and the rest of the world a look at what lies beneath. The simple answer?

Go for it, but take precautions. Especially if it's a windy day, you may want to consider wearing a pair of soft shorts underneath your dress or skirt so if the wind does get the best of you it's not the end of the world. Shoot for something that pairs well with boots or flats, because after all, there's nothing worse than spending all your time worrying about trying to make your outfit behave.

Who says you can't go to the State Fair and be stylish at the same time?

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