Brilliant Hacks for Making the Most of Small Spaces


Tiny space? No big deal!

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a small home, it can be a challenge to make a small space feel spacious. Try implementing these helpful tricks to maximize the most of your space!

Consider Investing in a Fold Down Desk

Use Crates and Baskets To Create DIY Shelving/Cabinets

Utilize Your Corners By Adding Shelving

Consider Using Shelving Instead of a Night Stand

Shoot For Layers When It Comes To Vertical Space

Never Underestimate the Power of a Well Placed Peg Board

Crown Molding Can Be Used for Anything From Book Shelves to Shoe Storage

Who Says Spice Racks Are Only For Spices?

Hang Baskets From Hooks To Utilize Extra Overhead Space

Use Shoe Bags For a Little Extra Hanging Storage Space

Consider a Slim Table Behind Your Couch For Sitting or Shelving

Use Ikea Shelves as a Bench or Even To Create a Window Nook

Add Shelving Over Your Doors For Extra Storage

Use Wheeled Buckets or Baskets To Organize Under Bed Storage

Turn a Spare Closet Into Something Cooler

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