14 Boho DIY Decor Ideas For Your Inner Wanderlust


Get ready to unleash your inner bohemian spirit!

Ever looked around and noticed your room was looking a little dreary? Why not try adding a touch of color with these one of a kind DIY boho decor ideas?

Here you'll find a collection of quick and easy projects that will add a little fun to any room in your house, many of which reuse old items you already own.

Whether you're looking for a way to make your own colorful curtains or a killer idea for how to upcycle an old guitar, come on in and let your creative gears start turning.

1. Sew Your Vintage Scarfs Together To Make Some Colorful Curtains


Get the directions at Design Sponge!

2. Mod Podge Boho Wrapping Paper Onto Old Metal Serving Treys


Get the full directions from Young America!

3. Make A Dream Catcher With A Wire Hoop, A Doily, Feathers, And Beaded Lace


4. Make Your Own Boho Bench With A Rug, Plywood, Foam, And Legs


Check out the step by step directions at A Beautiful Mess!

5. Give Any Room A Twist By Painting In A Moroccan Doorway


6. Hang Some Faux Flowers From An Embroidery Hoop For A Flower Chandler


7. Get Some Smooth Gardening Stones And Paint On Colorful Boho Designs


8. Create Curtains By Hanging Old Clothing Scraps And Beads From A Curtain Rod


9. Create Hanging Lanterns With Mason Jars


Follow the easy directions at Yellow Brick Road!

10. Decorate An Old Bottle With Burlap, Twine, Pretty Flowers, And Pearls


11. Buy Some Faux Feathers And Paint Them To Make Them Your Own


Get some ideas from the design guide at Free People!

12. Strip An Old Lamp Shade And Rewrap It With Fabric Scraps


13. Hang Feathers, Beads, And Other Decor From A Stick Or Piece Of Drift Wood


14. Turn An Old Guitar Into A One Of A Kind Hanging Shelf


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