All Of The Obama-Biden Memes That You Need In Your Life. You're Welcome.

The ultimate bromance.

As America prepares to bid farewell to the dynamic duo that’s been President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden, a surge of hilarious Obama/ Biden memes have recently appeared that have the Internet rolling with laughter.

Each of them features one of a series of hysterical conversations between Obama and Biden as they engage in epic last White House conversations which few of us can resist hoping so hard might have actually happened.

Even if you’ve yet to hear of the trend, fear not, because here we’ve assembled a collection of some of the best Obama/ Biden memes the Internet has to offer.

Joe Does His Part To Insure a Warm Welcome

He's Got It All Planned Out...

Joe Institutes His Plan For National Security

Joe Watches the Security Camera Feeds and Waits For the Fun To Begin

Joe Refuses To Be Tamed

The Time To Choose Has Come

Your Point Being...

Joe Stands By His Decision

Joe Crosses The Point of No Return

Some Subjects are Better Left Alone

You've Gotta Start Somewhere

Joe's Plans Slowly but Surely Begin To Take Shape

The Dispatchers of 911 Start To Get Wise To Joe's Antics

See What We Did There?

There Comes a Certain Point When You Just Have to Put Your Foot Down

Joe Sticks to His Guns

Some Jokes Never Get Old

Joe Sees an Opening and Goes For It

When You Know You Probably Should but It's Just Too Perfect...

Joe Attempts to Restrain a Brilliant Plan Just Begging to Unfold

Joe Institutes a Little Last Minute Bathroom Decor

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