Benedict Cumberbatch Photos That Will Basically Make You Pregnant

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Why does the world love Benedict Cumberbatch? Elementary, dear Watson...and perhaps a few steamy photos.

If you're on the prowl for sexy photos of Benedict Cumberbatch then rest assured you've come to the right place. The British TV and film star was more or less born with acting in his blood, as both of his parents were also well-known theater actors. Perhaps best known for his role as the brilliant title character in BBC's Sherlock, Benedict has been capturing the imagination of fans all over the world with is incredible acting skills and dreamy blue eyes alike.

Here you'll find a collection of hot Benedict Cumberbatch photos, featuring the star who has also appeared in films such as Tinker Tailor, Soldier Spy, War Horse, Doctor Strange, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. Benedict has also received several award, for his work on stage and screen alike, including both Golden Globe and Oscar nominations for his role in the 2014 Alan Turing biopic, The Imitation Game.

So prepare to let your imagination roam where it will as you check out these sexy photos of Benedict Cumberbatch! Also be sure to read on after getting a good dose of Benedict's charm, for below the photos we've also rounded up a collection of fun facts about Benedict Cumberbatch to help you get to know the British star a little better.

1. Ladies, The Game Is Afoot

2. What Happens In The Mind Palace, Stays In The Mind Palace

3. Hey, Girl. Wanna Pontificate In My Flat?

4. Noone Looks Better In A Trench Coat. Noone.

5. Allow Me To Inspire Your Imagination As I Loosen This Tie

6. Those Eyes Tho.

7. Baker Street Just Got A Whole Lot Beefier

8. A Day Alone With Benedict In The English Countryside. Let The Daydreams Begin.

9. Hell Yeah It Is.

10. A Peek At What Lies Beneath The Button-Up

11. I Don't Always Die. But When I Do, I Don't.

12. Benedict As The Steamy Doctor Strange

13. No Shirt? No Problem.

14. Slightly Condescending Yet Titalating Complement? Yes Please.

15. Makes Three Episodes Of Sherlock A Year. Still Has Best Show On TV.

16. Hey, Girl. Ready To Ride?

17. We See. And Oh Do We Observe.

18. Preparing To Deduce You In All The Right Ways.

19. The Softer Side Of Smaug

20. Proof That Watson's Not The Only One Who Can Rock A Beard

21. The Face That Could Inspire You To Study Forever

22. Only Thing Better Than Benedict? Slightly Shirtless Wet Benedict.

So just what is it about his looks that makes him so swoon-worthy?

His gorgeous, dreamy eyes are actually the result of a condition named heterochromia, which is why his eyes are a mixture of blue, green, and gold.

While he dyed his hair for several roles, it's actually naturally auburn.

It doesn't take the brains and brawn of Sherlock to figure out why the extraordinarily talented Benedict Cumberbatch has quickly becoming one the world's favorite stars.

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