Firefighters In Disbelief of Puppy Mother's Love For Her Five Babies

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No one can question a mother's love -- even a dog's love for her babies!

As everyone who has ever been, had, or even known a mom knows there are few forces on earth more powerful than the love that a mother has for her children. Though we women may be famous for our fury when scorned, there are few among us who won't take things to another level entirely when the safety of our children comes into play. As a group of firefighters back in 2012 found out first hand, this truth seems to be a pretty universal one, regardless of the species of the mom in question.

It all began when a fire raged through a home in Temuco, Chile after a nearby car bomb exploded in the neighborhood. As firemen worked to frantically free everyone inside from the blaze, they didn't even notice that that had a little help from a dog mom named Amanda, who had been inside the home when the fire broke out.

Unfortunately Amanda, a German Shepard mix and single mom of 5, had been inside the house when the blaze broke out along with her puppies. Luckily, her instincts were quick to kick in as she immediately began carrying all five puppies out of the burning house, one by one, and dropping them off in the safest place she could find…the fire truck.

When the firemen returned to the truck after the home's owner had been taken to the hospital for severe burns, they found Amanda inside and protectively guarding her stunned little ones. The poor pooch mom was out of breath and had a few singed hairs, but it was clear that, as far as she was concerned, nothing came before the safety of her babies.

Even when she and the puppies were brought to the vet, Amanda remained incredibly protective of her puppies, initially even refusing to let vet Felipe Lara take them out of her site in order to check them out. Eventually however, the vet managed to gain her trust and Amanda allowed him to help her care for her rescued little guys.

Incredibly, all but one of the poor puppies, a little one named Amparo who had suffered severe burns, recovered from the life-threatening fire. Even as Amparo was treated, vets say, Amanda refused to leave his side, proving yet again that no matter how bad things get moms have a way of always being by your side when it counts the most.

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