Apparently Food Carving Is A New Thing And It's Kinda Awesome

This ain't your ordinary fruit salad...

Your mother may have told you not to play with your food, but we say it's all in the name of art! Check out these 20 amazing food carvings:

1. Behold the Beauty of This Broccoli Piece


2. How Rad Are These Little Radishes?


3. Marvel at These Genius Watermelon Giraffes

3. This Intricate Apple's Absolutely Amazing

4. Feast Your Eyes On This Classical Melon Scene

5. That Is One Pimped Out Papaya

6. A Radish Rose By Any Other Name...


7. How Many Tears You Think Went Into This Onion Carving?


8. The World's Most Badass Banana


9. Yet Another Awesome Apple

10. This Watermelon Is Really Starting To Blossom

11. Who Knew Fruit Could Be So Elegant?

12. This Is One Ridiculously Talented Radish Artist

13. The World's Poshest Pineapple

14. This Watermelon's Got Heart

15. How Cute are These Fruit Creatures?

16. The World's Coolest Carrot Carving


17. The Many Layers of Watermelon

18. This Is No Ordinary Orange


19. This Apple's Too Awe Inspiring To Eat


20. Beware This Watermelon's Wrath