Why An Old Man Brings His Wife A Penny And A Daisy Every Day


Due to a random act of kindness by two strangers, an elderly man's daily visit to his wife's memorial bench remains uninterrupted despite dangerous weather.

Though Betty Caldwell passed away just before the age of 80, her husband Bud of 56 years still brings her daily evidence that his love for her lives on. After Betty's death, the faithful Bud purchased a park bench near their home in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin and pays daily visits to the memorial plaque he had attached.

WLUK via Youtube

Once a day, park visitors can see Bud shuffling towards Betty's bench in Lakeside Park, with two unique daily gifts that he leaves for his beloved wife as he tells her photo about the events of the day. Though the penny and daisy that he leaves at their bench may appear to be mere thoughtful decorations to some, both Betty and Bud understand the deeper meaning that these symbols hold for the couple.


As Bud explained to local news station WLUK, the keepsakes are symbolic of the couples' two favorite songs, "Daisy a Day" and "Pennies From Heaven." Bud explains that he tried to never let his wife down in life and that the tokens are to assure her that he never will.

WLUK via Youtube

In fact, during the snowy winter of 2015, the couple's love for one another proved to be too strong to have escaped the attention of the world. When park workers Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz saw Bud sitting in his car one day, unable to reach his beloved Betty's bench after he found the path to it blocked with snow, they set in motion a random act of kindness that they continue to this day.

WLUK via Youtube

Ebert told CBS evening news that the path leading to Betty's bench is a bit out of the way and therefore isn't regularly shoveled. "For most people it's a path to nowhere. But it's a path to somewhere for one person," Ebert said. With that, the two younger men began sneaking off with shovels on their own time each day to make sure that nothing, not even ice and snow, would ever keep the couple apart.

WLUK via Youtube

Bud gratefully continues his commute to visit Betty's bench, explaining to his local news station that it's his favorite part of every day.