9 Embarrassing Moments You WILL Experience In Yoga Class


When balance betrays you...

Yoga class might be one of the best ways to build strength and flexibility, but it's also one of the best ways to die of embarrassment.

Though all that twisting and turning during yoga class can lead to inevitable yoga fails from time to time, rest assured you're not alone!

Here are the embarrassing moments you're bound to experience in yoga class:

1. Embarrassing Body Sounds


Whether you or someone in the class is the accidental offender there's no time when it's harder to keep your composure than when someone's body makes funny noises,

When you're new, this is one to look out for- after all there's even a move called "wind releasing pose."

Unless you have the courage to face what may or may not happen, this may be a good time to take a water break until you've tried the pose in the privacy of your own home and are alert to the sounds it may unwittingly produce.

2. When You Accidentally Show Up Late


Hey, it happens to the best of us. Unfortunately with yoga, teachers responses to tardiness can be pretty across the board.

While some don't mind you quietly sneaking in, others may find it unsafe for you to begin mid-workout or just don't want latecomers screwing up the vibe of the room.

Best to find out your teachers policies beforehand than try to ask her when she's mid-downward​ dog with everybody else.

3. Finding Yourself Getting a Little To Close To Your Teacher


Though most teachers don't tend to take it as far as the gentleman above, some of them can get a little handsy when attempting to help you get a deeper stretch.

This is why it's important to find a yoga teacher you trust and who will be respectful of your personal boundaries before signing on for the 6-month​ deal.

4. Discovering You're a Little Less Stretchy Than Your Classmates


Though this can be a little embarrassing at first, especially when everyone but you seems to be nailin' it, don't let it get you down at all.

The odds are that anyone who's been doing yoga long-term started out exactly where you are now....well ​unless perhaps they cheated by being a dog.

5. When Balance Betrays You


This is another one you'll hopefully learn not to take too personally pretty quickly. It happens to all of us, especially when we are new.

Next time you find yourself headed for a tumble, however, try this easy balance trick.

Press your tongue in the center of the back of your two front, top teeth. For whatever reason, ​it restores your sense of balance.

6. When You Make Uncomfortably Close Contact With Your Fellow Yogis


In the midst of the flow that yoga produces, it's not uncommon to look up to find that your neighbor has no idea they're presenting you with a face full of yoga ass.

Though this can be embarrassing, just try and shift back a little and share the space as best you can.

7. Cramping Up Mid-Class


Though it happens to all of us from time to time, this is one reason it's important not to push yourself beyond your limits and to drink plenty of water.

Don't be afraid to rock a few modified poses, lest your ambition gets​ the better of you.

8. Accidentally Falling Asleep


Though it can be embarrassing to have to have your teacher rouse you, this one also happens more often than you'd think, especially during meditation.

There are even super old yoga texts that mention it happening quite commonly among beginners during certain moves.

9. Not Maintaining the Level of Grace You'd Envisioned


This is another one you shouldn't sweat when you're starting out. Rather than compare yourself to seasoned yogis, know that this is where a ton of people start until they develop that hard-won​ flexibility that'll come with time.

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