7 Signs You Were Raised By An Incredible Mom


Just in case you need confirmation that your mom really was as awesome as you suspect she was.

Being a mom is arguably the most difficult but rewarding job in the world. If you were lucky enough to have been raised by an amazing mom, these 7 signs will definitely apply to you:

1. She Taught You the Value of Unconditional Love


This is one of those we often don't realize until we are adults, as it can be hard to realize exactly how incredible moms are until we are grown-ups. Now that you have the chance though, look back at your childhood through your big girl lenses and remember all the times your mom came through for you.

Was she the type who was always there for you no matter how many things she was trying to juggle or how hard things got? If you've got a ton of memories that feature your mother sacrificing her time and energy with a smile on her face, chances are you had a real winner.

2. She Taught You How (Not What) To Think


Was your mom the type who always encouraged you to ask questions instead of just accept something because "that's the way it is"? Were you raised by a woman who always encouraged you to be yourself rather than who you thought you were supposed to be?

If so, then consider yourself lucky. This means you were blessed with the gift of being raised by a strong woman who raised you to be one yourself.

3. She Taught You the Value of Independence


Were you raised knowing that a relationship with a man is great if it comes along but not necessary to building a happy life if it doesn't? If your mom taught you that the best relationships are based on love of (rather than need of) another person, then the odds are that you were raised by superwoman.

This isn't always an easy concept to put into play so if it was introduced to you in your younger days, then consider yourself blessed. You were given a leg up on a lesson it takes some women years to figure out, yet alone master.

4. She Taught You How To Believe In Yourself


Did you learn from an early age that bad days, horrible break-ups, and even failures don't define you? Do you realize it's not the things that happen to you, but the ways you respond to them that count?

If so, then you hit the mom jack-pot. A good moms love their children, an incredible moms teach their kids to love themselves as much as she does.

5. She Taught You That Happiness Is an Inside Job


Did your mom give you the skills to avoid falling into the dreaded "victim" trap? If you had a mom who faced hardship, trials, and whatever life threw at her but chose to be happy anyway, then you were blessed with a remarkable role model.

At the end of the day, happiness is not a destination, but the decision to find joy in the journey.

6. She Taught You That Life Is a Series of Ups and Downs


While the idea of growing up sheltered is sometimes appealing, consider yourself lucky if your mom refused to shield you from the fact that some days are really gonna suck.

Though a mom's instinct is of course to protect her children from many of the things that go on in the world, a great mom isn't afraid to warn her kids that sometimes things are going to get hard -- and of course to make sure they know that she'll be there for them when they do.

7. She Taught You How To Be a Great Mom Yourself


If you model your own parenting on your mom's, then you're luckier than you may think. Though this is something you may take for granted, teaching her daughter how to be a great mother is one of the most priceless gifts a mom can offer.

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