7 Hilarious Reasons A Hot Mess Sister Is The Best Friend Everyone Needs

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You know you love her...

Yeah she may be irresponsible, crazy, and a little bit of a train wreck. But there are times when your hot mess sister is the best friend ever.

Here's why:

1. She's Not One To Judge


Looking for someone to tell you what a mess your life is or how bad you should feel?

Hot Mess Sister knows ain't nobody got time for that.

No matter how big a screw-up you may be feeling like, you can always count on her to assure you that compared to the train wrecks she's created lately, you're golden, cupcake.

2. She Doesn't Want You To Be Anything But Yourself


You just try and put up a front for Hot Mess Sister and see what happens.

Not only does she not expect you to be perfect and pretentious, she will laugh your ass right out of the happy hour she's dragged you into if you even try.

3. She's Not Really Into the Whole "Competition" Thing


Wanna compare notes on whose doing better in the game of life?

No need! Hot Mess Sister does not care and would rather take you out shopping with her brand new credit card that sit around trying to act like she's winning any sibling of the year awards.

4. She'll Always Encourage You To Make the Best Choice For You


You know all those considerations you wade through every time you try to make a decision that'd be really great for you?

Hot Mess Sister cannot relate.

As great as she is, she doesn't tend to be the most... forward thinking chick. Which, let's face it, is exactly the kind of adviser you need every now and then.

5. She's Well Aware She Owes You a Couple Bail Outs


Ah yes, those awkward late night phone calls you really don't wanna make to your parents, significant other, or anyone else whose respect you can't afford to lose.

Hot Mess Sister knows them well and chances are you've been on the other end of the few of the ones she's made herself.

The good news? She's totally got your back when you need to make one of your own.

6. She's Always There To Remind You Of the Joys of Being... an Individual


In a world full of expectations, priorities, and careful plans, Hot Mess Sister mostly just does what she wants.

Every now and then her antics are not only incredibly refreshing, they can also help pull you out of your comfort zone quicker than a bat outta hell.

7. She's So Much Fun Tho


Say whachu want about Hot Mess Sister, the girl knows how to party.

When you're looking for a good time, she'll always be there waiting to take girl's night out to a whole new level.

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