7 Behaviors Strong Women Never Tolerate In A Relationship


Don't be a door mat.

Have you ever been accused of being "too picky" or "high maintenance" for requiring that your dating prospects actually treat you like a human being?

Are you the type who seems unable to put up with certain things in a relationship that some of your friends tend to overlook all the time?

Well good news, because that you're actually a strong, independent woman that would make Beyoncè proud.


While every relationship requires compromise, there are certain things you should never have to put up with. Here are the 7 behaviors that strong woman refuse to accept from a significant other:

1. A Controlling Partner


When it comes to a strong woman, nothing is more valuable than being able to maintain a healthy sense of independence.

There's nothing worse than the whole "where are you and who are you with" routine, and strong women just can't even with it for long.

Any great relationship demands a level of trust that far exceeds constant reassurance and clingy behavior.

2. Inequality


There are a few relationship stereotypes that are actually pretty on the mark, among them being the idea that a great one should consist of a healthy sense of give and take from both partners.

While some girls are only out to please a man, the strong woman knows how important it is to feel like her thoughts and experience are given equal consideration to her partner's.

3. Unrealistic Expectations


If you're looking to find a girl who thinks the most important things in life consist of fitting into society's expectation of who or what she's supposed to be, the strong woman is an unlikely candidate.

She's more interested in her own ideas of who and what she wants to become and strives to grow towards them every day, whether they happen to fall into societal expectations or not.

4. Disrespect


This one can take several forms and could include anything from a condescending tone to being blown off for work/friends/other obligations.

The strong woman has stuff to do and she's not going to have time for anyone who doesn't keep her in the loop, make her a priority, and treat her with respect for long.

5. Lack of Support In Her Dreams/Passions


The strong lady isn't the type who's going to jump into a relationship and give up her passions in order to take on a supporting role in her partner's pursuits.

She's got her own dreams going on and is looking for someone who can not only respect her, but who will offer her as much support as she's going to give in return.

6. Cheating


Two words: Deal breaker.

7. Lying


Trust is the foundation of any relationship and the second a strong woman has to wonder if she can really believe her partner on just about any subject, she's already halfway out the door.

Though we all make mistakes from time to time, shadiness and dishonesty can be the quickest way to tank a great thing.

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