5-Year Old Leukemia Patient Proposes To His Favorite Nurse

Facebook/ The Adventures of Iron Gideon

5-year-old "Iron" Gideon Robinson finally decided it was time to make an honest woman out of his favorite nurse "Tall Sarah."

When 30-year-old nurse Sarah Richardson joked that she wished her boyfriend would put a ring on it already, she had no idea just how quickly fate would produce a proposal. As it would turn out however, the offer of marital bliss would come not from the man she had been dating, but from another young suitor who had had his eye on Sarah for some time.

When 5-year-old "Iron" Gideon Robinson heard that Sarah was about to head home for the holidays, he decided that the time had come to make her dreams come true. Young Gideon met his bride-to-be, who he affectionately calls "Tall Sarah," when she became his favorite nurse at San Diego's Rady Children's Hospital where Gideon has been receiving treatments for Leukemia.

Gideon recently revealed to Today.com the specifics of how the nurse went about stealing his heart. "Sarah is really nice and pretty and always gets me Legos because she knows I love playing with them," he said.

Facebook/ The Adventures of Iron Gideon

"She just spoils him with attention and Legos. She really knows the way to his heart," Sosy Robinson, Gideon's mom added. "Even if she's not assigned to his room, she'll come and bring him Legos."

As for preparations for the proposal, Gideon knew that no expense could be spared when it came to the ring. Immediately the little gentleman set about constructing his own creation with a rare heart-shaped plastic purple stone, set amid hand-crafted pink and white pipe cleaners. Gideon even went all out when it came to a box for the ring, which he tailored himself from construction paper.

Facebook/ The Adventures of Iron Gideon

"He was so excited, running around all day telling everyone he was marrying Sarah," Gideon's mom said of the day of his proposal. "He was very anxious for 3 p.m. to come around."

The announcement of Gideon's plans produced an enthusiastic response from hospital staff, about 20 of whom gathered to watch the world's most adorable proposal unfold. Gideon's friend Emma, the hospital's music therapist, even offered her services by playing Gideon's favorite song, Pharrell Williams' "Happy," especially for the event.

So what did the blushing would-be bride say when her young suitor popped the question? "It was really, really cute and sweet," Sarah told TODAY. "I was surprised by the amount of people he got to come." As you'll see in the video below, Sarah not only enthusiastically accepted the ring and proposal but even dubbed Gideon her new "hospital husband."

To follow the bold young Gideon on more of his adventures, be sure to check out his facebook page, "The Adventures of Iron Gideon!"