24 Lady Struggles That No Man Will Ever Understand

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Believe it or not boys, womanhood ain't all sugar and spice and everything nice.

There are just some things men will never understand about being a woman. From the delicate art that is applying winged eyeliner to the joke that is a high ponytail, women have problems that no man on the face of this earth could ever fathom.

Read on below and cry with laughter, because these daily female struggles are just too real.

1. This Permanent Mark Of Womanhood

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Literally a battle scar

2. Shield Your Eyes!

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Nothing is worse than the shot of fear you get when you accidentally drop one of these bad boys.

3. When You're Really Thirsty But Too Proud To Ask a Man For Help


Because breaking a nail REALLY does hurt.

4. First World Problems

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The struggles is reeeeeaaaaalllllll

5. When the Wind Kicks Up and Your Hair Be Like

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Good hair days when it's windy are damn near impossible

6. That Feeling When You Take Off Your Bra at the End of the Day

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7. How There's No Truer Path to Patience Than Curls

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And there's always that one chunk of hair you just can't get right

8. Latte With An Inevitable Dash of Lip Stick, Please

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And it's never as proper and perfect as they make it seem in the movies!

9. Every. Damn. Time.

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10. When Sunglasses Strike Back

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L O L at whoever invented those little nose guys anyway

11. When Getting Dressed Is A Game Of Twister


This shIt is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S



Once you put your hair up, you're sentenced to a ponytail until your next wash

13. Oh, Helllll No

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eye roll

14. Those Chairs That Are Just Waiting To Attack


We ALL remember the days

15. When You Walk Outta the Beauty Section Feeling Like a Lost Picasso Piece

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And LOL because you probably still didn't find the right shade

16. That Involuntary Gasp When Your Eyes Behold....This!

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IDK this girl must be magic

17. Preeeecious....

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I lose hair ties and bobby pins like it's my job

18. When Your Night Is Ruined

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Gasp I just bought these, too!!!

19. To Smudge or Not to Smudge?

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20. When Evil You Needs To Perfect That Eyeliner Wing

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Because testing out new makeup trends is basically a requirement of any rushed getting ready period

21. Beauty Is Pain

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AKA for five hours after you paint them!!!

22. The Savage Truth of This Ongoing Conspiracy

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23. This Tragic Run In With Reality

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24. ....This About Sums It Up

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