22 Hilarious Texts That Will Make You Die Of Second-Hand Embarassment

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When auto-correct goes rogue...

With the age of technology comes texting... lots and lots of texting. While texting may be convenient, it can also cause some pretty embarrassing communication mishaps.

Whether it be due to auto-correct gone rogue or hideously wrong numbers, behold this collection of texts gone horribly wrong!

1. What Happens In an Autocorrect Should Stay In an Autocorrect

2. When In Doubt, Always Ask for Clarification

3. Why It's Always Best To Double Check Your Recipient

4. When Autocorrect Goes Wrong....

5. ...Very Wrong.

6. Is That What the Kids Are Calling It These Days?

7. Worst Freudian Autocorrect Ever

8. When Your Phone Decides To Go Auto-Honest

9. What Has Been Seen Can Not Be Unseen

10. When You Accidentally Go Badass On Grandma

11. Why Group Texting While Intoxicated Is Always Ill Advised

12. Too Late To Insist It Was All a Hilarious April Fool's Joke?

13. When Phones Go Rogue

14. Why Proof Reading Is a Virtue Not To Be Discounted

15. This Mom Discovers the Horrible Truth About Emoticons

16. Worst Timed Delivery Fail Ever

17. Mm Hmm

18. No Need To Be Rash

19. How Quickly One Word Can Change Everything

20. A Girl Can Dream

21. Que Mommy's Alone Time In 3..2..1...

22. The Horrors Continue

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