22 Hilarious Disney Memes That Will Crack Up Your Inner Child

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Number 7 is too good.

Ah, Disney movies! Chances are that, unless you grew up under a rock, you knew them well and perhaps even enjoy them with your own kids these days.

Here however, we've gathered a batch of memes that will are best enjoyed in the privacy of a kid-less environment.

Rest assured that they'll have your inner child in hysterics....once adult-you explains to her exactly what they mean.

1. We've All Been There

2. Try Again, Gaston

3. When You and the Wind Aren't On the Same Page

4. When You Breathe Through Your Mouth and Hope For the Best

5. Brace Yourselves. This Winter's Gonna Be a Bitch.

6. #PrincessProblems

7. It's Hard To Find a Nice, Shirtless Jungle Man These Days

8. Evil Stepmomming: Taking It Up a Notch

9. Rock Those Sea Shells, Girl

10. Cause Setting Her Free Would Be Way Too Predictable

11. Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wives

12. The Moment You Rethink Your Decision To Fashion Your Floors Outta Ice

13. Seriously, Charming. Get Your Shit Together.

14. Let Me See Them Hands

15. We All Have a Breaking Point

16. How You Doin' Girl?

17. Disney Movies: Pause at Your Own Risk

18. Save the Drama For Your....Nevermind...Now's Good

19. Perhaps Some Questions Are Best Left Unanswered

20. Thank God For Loop Holes

21. It's So Sparky Tho

22. Reality Invades the Disney Realm

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