22 Gifs That Describe When Your Younger Sister Gets Married Before You

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I think I can literally hear my biological clock ticking...

You know that age when suddenly it feels like everyone you've known your whole life is growing up and doing things like getting married and having babies on purpose?

It can be an exciting time full of knew life experiences, but can also be a little surreal, especially when your little sister drops the bomb that she's getting married... before you.

Here you'll find a collection of gifs that pretty much sum up the madness, the joy, and the amazement of learning that you're little sister is going to beat you to the alter.

1. Wait What? What Kinda Twilight Zone Shit Is This?

2. When Did She Get Mature Enough to Pull This Off?

3. What'll I Say In My Speech? I Do Get a Speech, Right?

4. Big Sister Is Here To Plan You.

5. Everyone's Gonna Expect Me To Explain Why I'm Not Married.

6. Not That This Is About Me!

7. I Think I Can Literally Hear My Biological Clock Ticking Tho

8. Wow I Love Her Dress! I Want a Pretty Dress Too.

9. I Want a Ring. Preferably One Bigger Than Her's.

10. About. Me.

11. I Better Do a Thorough Facebook Stalk Of Her Fiance' For Good Measure

12. Omg What If She Gets Pregnant? I'm Gonna Be the World's Coolest Aunt.

13. My Little Sis Is All Grown Up.

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