17 Times It's Totally Okay For Women To Be Moody

shocked face, cry

Number 2 is too true...

Let's face it: not every day is sunshine and roses. Moodiness and irritability happen to every woman at some point or another. We can't be smiling and happy 24/7.

Here's when it's totally acceptable for women to be a bit moody:

1. When It's Due To PMS or Cramping

2. When It's Not Due To PMS But Men Keep Asking If It Is

3. Pretty Much Any Situation that Involves a Broken Coffee Machine

4. When Uninvited Grinders are Tryna' Get All Up On You In the Club

5. When a Salesman or Mechanic Is Blatantly Trying To Take Advantage Of You

6. When You're Pregnant

7. When Someone Asks If You're Pregnant But Really You Just Ate at Chipotle

8. When You're Trying To Talk and Someone Keeps Interrupting

9. When Guys Refuse To Admit They Can Be Just as Moody as We Can

10. When He Falls Asleep Before Returning the Favor

11. Menopause = Meno-Free-Pass

12. When You're Trying To Deal With a Drunk Friend Who's Not Being Cooperative

13. When Dealing With the Harsh, Bitter Taste of Betrayal

14. When You're Navigating a Rough Break-Up or Personal Loss

15. One Word: Mornings

16. When It's Your Last Defense Against Going All Out Bitch-zilla

17. The Times You Don't Have an Excuse, 'Cause Screw It, It Happens To Us All Sometimes

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