16 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Bilingual


Two languages are better than one.

In today's world, being bilingual is becoming more and more of a plus when it comes to everything from the job market to just looking super worldly in front of your friends.

Whether you were raised in a country where English wasn't the primary language or have had your grandma's native tongue forced on you since birth, here you'll find a collection of struggles, thoughts, and joys that only those skilled in the multi-language arts will understand.

1. When English Only People Make Fun of You For Forgetting a Word

...that they'd have zero idea how to say in your first language.

2. Cause Sometimes English Just Can't Encompass Your Displeasure

3. The Joy of Being Able To Sh*t Talk English Only Speakers To Their Face

4. How You Knew You Were In Trouble When Your Mom Went All Native Tongue

5. And Everyone Insisted You Start Learning Both Languages From Birth

6. When It Doubt, Reverting To Sounds Can Never Fail

7. When You Meet Someone Who Has No Idea They Suck At Your First Language

8. When You Haven't Brushed Up In Awhile and Can't Follow Overly Fast Chisme

9. Or Are Trying To Keep Up With Your Grandma On the Phone

10. The Look of Betrayal When You Speak English To Your Older Relatives

11. When You Bond With Your Cousins Over Flawed Fluency

12. How Much More Fluent You Are When Speaking To Pets or Babies

13. When People Try To Hate On Your Accent

14. How Sometimes You Can't Decide and End Up Mixing In a Little of Both

15. The Secret Thrill You Get When You See a "Bilingual Only' Job Opening

16. Best Of All, What Doesn't Sound Sexier In A Foreign Language?

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