16 Embarrassing Things Literally All Women Do When They're Getting Ready

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1. Saying This Literally 13 Times A Day

And genuinely believing it

2. Trying On 8 Different Outfits Before Finally Putting On Your First Attempt

You just needed to be sure you liked it!

3. Doing THIS Dance To Get Your Skinny Jeans On Right

Come onnnnnn... stretcccccchhhhhh

4. Debating Between Two Very Different But Both Very Beneficial Options

Sexy lingerie vs. "stomach-holding-in pants very popular with the grannies the world over"

5. Trying to Find A Matching Bra And Panty Like:

I can't even get my socks to match, tbh.

6. Wondering When The Last Time You Cleaned Your Makeup Brush Was


7. Attempting To Repair An Eyebrow Mistake

Remember ladies, they're sisters, not twins!

8. Getting Ready In A Dim Light And Ending Up Looking Like This


9. Spending Wayyyy Too Long Trying To Figure Out How To Do A Blowout

And ending up just putting your hair up instead.

10. Adding More And More Eyeliner To Try To Match Your Other Eye

And undoubtedly just wishing you had quit while you were ahead.

11. Spending More Time Dancing Than Actually Getting Ready

Come on now, a girl's gotta rock out every now and again

12. Giving Yourself A Little Pep Talk


13. Deciding It's A Good Time To Try A New Makeup Trend

Only when you're in a rush, though, of course!!

14. Making Legit Hideous Faces When Applying Mascara

STRAIGHT fiiiiire 🔥🔥🔥

15. Spending 27 Minutes Looking For The Shoe You Want To Wear

I could have sworn I saw it earlier this week!

16. Telling Someone "Uh Huh, I'm Almost Ready" When You Know You Need Another 30-40 Minutes

Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

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