15 Things You Feel Bad About But Totally Shouldn't

anna kendrick

Girl, stop stressin'

Some things in life are absolutely worth feeling bad over - forgetting your mom's birthday, ruining your sister's favorite sweater, or forgetting to respond to an important work email. Other things, however, just aren't worth the worries. Because, hey, life's too short!

1. Dodging Calls from Someone You've Already Told You're Not Interested


Sometimes they just can't take a hint!

2. Not Turning Out Exactly Like Your Parents May Have Envisioned


Let's face it, few of us do. This phenomenon however, is many times based on your parents' desire for you to be happy and their misguided visions of what that might entail. At the end of the day though, any parents worth pleasing would rather see you live your dreams than attempt to fall in line with their expectations.

3. Not Being Able To Ditch a Bad Habit Overnight


Rome wasn't built in a day and the odds are your bad habits weren't either. Give yourself a break, sometimes correcting a bad habit takes as much time as forming one in the first place.

4. Indulging in Guilty Pleasure Literature/TV Shows


Admit it. Rare is the bad day that a magical trip to Hogwarts can't brighten.

5. Not Having Time to Make Your House Immaculate When Friends Come Over


Cause nothing's less exciting than being invited over to dinner by a woman with a spotless kitchen.

6. Asking For An Extension On Your Bills If You Need To


Though dodging bills may be tempting, unfortunately lack of communication doesn't make them go away. You may be surprised at how willing most creditors are to work with you, as long as you just reach out and let them know what's going on.

7. The Possibility That You Love Your Dog More Than Your Significant Other


I mean they're both pretty cute... but come on. We ALL know who'd win in an ultimatum.

8. Admitting He's Not for You Even If He's a Super Nice Guy


We get that they can be hard to find, but rest assured that there actually are more decent fish in the sea. Don't cling to the first one you find even though you're not completely into him, or else you'll risk missing out on meeting one you really could be.

9. Asking Your Boss for Clarification If You Don't Understand


It can be tempting to want to nod, smile, and not bother your boss by asking additional questions about an assignment. At the end of the day however, you're more than likely to nail a spot on that employee of the month board if you get the job done right than quickly.

10. Being The Lone Laugher At A Funny Joke Or Movie

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Life is short. Crack up each and every chance you get.

11. Crying


Though being a strong, independent woman is awesome, sometimes you just gotta get white girl wasted and cry into a friend's shoulder as you wail about how you "still fuggin' loooove him…"

12. Busting Out a Little Backstreet Boys Every Now and Then


Anyone who doesn't have at least one guilty pleasure suffers from a severe lack of imagination.

13. Being Single/ Taking a Break from the Dating Scene


Only thing worse than being alone? Forcing a relationship that makes you feel even lonelier than if you were.

14. Taking the Last Slice


Think of it as taking those last few calories for the team.

15. When Someone Says "Hey Remember Me?" and You Straight Up Don't


It happens to all of us. Own it, confess that you're kinda blanking, and share a good laugh.

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