15 Fun Facts About Your Lady Bits You Didn't Learn In Biology Class

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This ain't your average biology lesson

Ah the joys of being a woman! As tricky as it can occasionally be to navigate things like hormones, child bearing, and the dreaded monthly flow, being a lady definitely comes with it's perks.

Here we'll take a look at the female reproductive system in all it's glory and reveal a couple of fun, interesting, and crazy facts that the odds are you didn't pick up in the average high school health class.

So join us as we explore the vagina and all it's fun surrounding friends with these fun facts about the female sex organs.

1. The Clitoris Is Kinda Like a Penis…but Better


When it comes to reproductive organs, men and women aren't entirely different. As it turns out, your clitoris has a shaft, a foreskin, and even expands and gets harder when aroused. The good news for ladies everywhere? The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve ending which is even more than the penis can boast!

2. Your Vagina May Not Be Where You Think


That is, what we often refer to as the "vagina" is actually the vulva, which consists of everything you can see on the outside of your body. The actual vagina is a little further up inside.

3. The Clitoris Has the Best Function Ever


As most women know, we all not only have a clitoris, they tend to come in handy when trying to reach orgasm. But what exactly are the other functions for which the clitoris is responsible? The wonderful truth is that there aren't any. That's right, the clitoris is the only part of the body designed for no other reason than to provide you pleasure.

4. It’s Possible To Be Born With More Than One Uterus


Though it's not fairly common, it has been known to happen to some women. In fact, there are actual documented cases of women who have given birth to babies who grew to maturity in two totally different uteruses!

5. The Uterus Is Stupid Stretchy


Though your uterus may lie there innocently for years without taking up too much space, everything changes when you have a baby. In order to make room for the little guy or gal, the incredibly expansive uterus can grow up to 500 times it's normal size over the course of pregnancy.

6. The G-Spot: Fact or Fiction?


Back in the 1950's, a German gynecologist claimed that had discovered a magical area in the vaginal wall that, when properly stimulated, could lead to orgasm and sometimes even ejaculation. Since then, men everywhere have quested for the mythical spot like crusaders after the Holy Grail. Perhaps not surprisingly, few have failed to find it, though recent science has decided it may not necessarily be their fault.

As it turns out, the existence of the G-spot has never actually been proven and a recent study in Nature Reviews Urology insists that it's no more than a myth. This of course doesn't mean you and your partner can't still have a little fun trying to find it, ya know, just in case.

7. The Clitoris Is Decided To Make It Worth the Effort


If penetration alone doesn't do it for you, then rest assured you're not alone. This is actually true for most women, as a little clitoral stimulation goes a long way in helping achieve orgasm. The good news however, is that it's worth the effort. A clitoral orgasm lasts an average of anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds, whereas male orgasms tend to last only 5-22. Score!

8. Baby Girls Are Born With All Their Eggs


Unlike men, who don't develop sperm until puberty, baby ladies are born with every egg they will ever have in their entire lifetime.

9. What Lies Beneath the Surface


Though you may think of your clitoris as a small yet magical little dot on the outside of your body, that's actually just the tip of the metaphorical ice burg. It wasn't until researchers were able to get MRI's of full clitoris in all its glory that they realized it's actually about 4 inches long and shaped kind of like a wishbone.

10. The Clitoris Never Stops Working


Unlike men, who sometimes struggle with impotence as they age, rest assured that the clitoris is there for keeps and never stops working. Not only that, it actually grows as you age and occasionally even because of hormonal changes like those that occur when you have kids.

11. It’s Possible to Strengthen Your Vaginal Muscles


If you haven't heard of them already, check out "Kegel" exercises. These are kind of like a work out for your lady parts and can do everything from help with urine incontinence to support stronger orgasms.

12. It’s Impossible to Lose Anything Up There


Ever been afraid of forgetting you put in a tampon and having it float off into the abyss? Don't worry about it! That's where your cervix comes in. It's kind of like a barrier for the vagina and is so small that it's almost impossible for unwelcome visitors to get through.

13. What Do a Shark and a Vagina Have In Common?


Oddly, more than you might think. As it turns out, the natural lube your vagina produces during intercourse is called squalene, which is also found in the livers of sharks!

14. A Vagina Has the Power to “Capture” a Penis


Okay, don't freak out because this one doesn't happen often, but occasional instances of "penis captivus" have been recorded throughout history. Basically it happens when the vagina's pelvis muscles go rogue during sex and clamp down on the penis in a death grip so tight that removing it is almost impossible without injury.

15. Unborn Babies Have Better Tastebuds Than You Think


Though you may not think much about your diet when you're pregnant, it turns out that babies can actually taste what their mothers are eating while they are in the womb. This is especially true for strong flavored foods, so keep in mind that eating for two may strike truer for your baby than you think!

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