14 Times When Being An Introvert Is Really Freakin' Hard


Introvert life ain't for the weak of heart.

Ever feel alone and awkward even in a crowd? Rest assured that it's not just you!

Sometimes being an introvert is just HARD. If you ever feel misunderstood because of your introverted ways, you'll understand these struggles:

1. When Someone Invites You To a Large Gathering

2. Trying To Explain Why You Can't Make It To the Gathering

3. When You Give In and Go To the Gathering

4. When Extroverts Try To Get You To "Open Up"

5. When You Encounter the Dreaded "Touchy Feely" Type

6. Having Your Home Invaded By a Repair Man or Cable Technician

7. What About This Doesn't Society Understand?

8. When You Decide To Try Your Hand At Flirting

9. When Someone Actually Flirts Back

10. Those Huge Family Dinners When Everyone Keeps Asking What You're Into

11. When You're Meeting a Friend at a Bar and Arrive Before They Do

12. When Someone Just Won't. Stop. Talking.

13. When You See Someone You Went To High School With

14. The Millionth Time Someone Asks Why You're So Quiet

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